After A Shootout With Michigan Police, Human Remains Were Found In The Trunk Of The Car

After a pursuit that ended in a fatal shooting, investigators just outside of Detroit recovered human remains inside the trunk of a vehicle, the police say. The shootout was the culmination of the pursuit.

According to the Michigan State Police, the gruesome find was made on Sunday afternoon in Dearborn, Michigan, when local police there attempted “to halt a vehicle that was engaged in an endangered missing person investigation.”

According to the authorities, the Dearborn Police Department initially gave chase of the vehicle before losing sight of it. After that, a “collision site was recovered a short distance away from where the police lost sight of the vehicle,” the authorities said.

According to statements made by Michigan State Police, “there was an exchange of gunfire between officers and the suspect as the Dearborn cops approached the crash scene.”

“As the authorities cleared the crash area, the suspect driver was found deceased with a gunshot wound,” state police said in their statement. “The investigation is ongoing.” “Additionally, human remains were discovered within the trunk of the vehicle that was under investigation. These skeletal remains have not yet been assigned a name.”

According to the Michigan State Police, there were no injuries sustained by law enforcement officials during the event; however, one passenger was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

According to state police, “The [Dearborn] Homicide Task Force is overseeing the case,” which “may have ties to another homicide investigation being conducted outside of the state.”

There was a delay in the availability of additional information regarding the suspect.

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