After Being Kidnapped By FedEx Driver, Athena Strand Was Discovered Dead

Sadly, the search for a young child missing from Wise County has ended. The death of 7-year-old Athena Strand was discovered in Boyd, Texas, on Friday afternoon, according to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin. The Cottondale Fire Department is six miles away.

A tip, according to Akin, helped them locate a FedEx driver suspected of kidnapping Athena from her home on Wednesday night. The driver admitted to taking her hostage. According to the sheriff, Athena likely passed away an hour after she vanished.

Authorities described Tanner Lynn Horner, a Lake Worth resident, and the 31-year-old driver as independent contractors. He is being jailed in the Wise County Jail on charges of aggravated kidnapping and capital murder. His detention is under a $1.5 million bond.

The original mother of Athena attended the news conference on Friday. She refused to speak to the camera but expressed her want to bring her kid home.

The corpse of FOX 4’s Macy Jenkins was not discovered where she spoke to neighbors Friday afternoon off County Road 4599 when law enforcement contacted them and ordered them to leave immediately.

According to Sheriff Akin, they arrived there based on information gleaned from interviews. She was found elsewhere, therefore, it turns out that was inaccurate.

Jim Dwyer, the acting FBI agent in charge, claimed that digital evidence helped them find the FedEx driver, but he did not elaborate.

According to Sheriff Akin, Athena’s case has been one of the most difficult he has ever encountered.

Because it involves a child, he described the inquiry as being among the most challenging he has ever worked on. It simply strikes you in the heart.

Police from Fort Worth erected barriers on Somerville Place Road earlier Friday night near Lake Worth. The suspect resides there, according to Akin. When asked if there was any proof, they would not elaborate.

On Wednesday at 4:15 pm, Athena disembarked from her school bus.

Athena’s stepmother reported her missing from her Paradise home at 6:40 p.m. by dialing 911. When the girl wasn’t in her room later, she informed detectives there had been a fight. According to the sheriff, she started seeking the girl first, so she delayed telling authorities by an hour.

The search involved a sizable contingent of law enforcement personnel, more than 300 volunteers, dog teams, helicopters, and thermal imaging equipment.

Wise County Chief Deputy Craig Johnson remarked, “We were able to cover broad areas and talk to tons of folks more quickly than we would have without them.

According to Akin, the only other adult present was the girl’s stepmother. When the father was informed of what had occurred, he was en route to South Texas for a deer shooting trip.

According to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office, the girl’s parents and the stepmother have cooperated throughout. Akin claimed he couldn’t remember making any prior calls to the house.

Marilyn Gandy, Athena’s mother, resides in southwestern Oklahoma. Despite having sole custody of her daughter, she allowed her to spend the fall semester in Texas with her father and stepmother, and she was admitted to FOX 4.

“Both the mother, the father, and the stepmother were interviewed. They have been extremely helpful, “said Akin.

Athena’s mother drove from Oklahoma and was observed conversing with detectives at the search scene.

It is unknown what caused Athena’s passing. To the office of the medical examiner goes her body.

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