Alabama Botches Alan Miller’s Deadly Injection, Cancels At The Last Minute

In the nick of time on Thursday, an Alabama man who was convicted of murdering three people in a 1999 workplace shooting was spared the death penalty because the executioner was unable to locate a vein.

Prison officials determined that the vein problem would prevent them from executing Alan Miller before the midnight deadline, so they canceled the execution at around 11:30 p.m., according to Alabama Corrections Commissioner John Hamm.

Alabama Botches Alan Miller's Deadly Injection, Cancels At The Last Minute
Alabama Botches Alan Miller’s Deadly Injection, Cancels At The Last Minute

The US Supreme Court issued a last-minute ruling that allowed Miller’s execution to proceed.

When it was realized that the condemned inmate’s veins could not be accessible in accordance with our policy before the death warrant expired, the execution was canceled, the correctional commissioner stated. “Due to time constraints stemming from the lateness of the court proceedings.”

After the unsuccessful execution, Miller was returned to his cell.

Three persons were killed by the convicted perpetrator in two different shootings in August of 1999. These victims were Terry Jarvis, Lee Holdbrooks, and Scott Yancy.

According to, Miller’s attorneys tried to get him acquitted by portraying him as mentally incompetent and insane during his trial. According to the news site, the jury debated for less than 30 minutes before finding him guilty of the murders and recommending that the court sentence him to death.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey expressed her condolences to the families of Miller’s three victims when the execution was halted.

Ivey said in a statement that “nothing will change the reality that a jury heard the facts of this case and made a decision,” despite the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the execution.

It is common knowledge that Michael Holdbrooks, Terry Lee Jarvis, and Christopher Scott Yancey did not voluntarily end their lives by taking bullets to the chest. This evening, I pray for the victims’ loved ones who must endure the agony of remembering their loved ones who were taken from them.

According to, a federal judge mandated on Friday that Alabama keep all execution-related evidence and allow Miller’s attorneys access to him.

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