Alex Jones Sentenced To Pay Sandy Hook Family Over $500 Million In Extra Damages

As a result of his false statements regarding the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a Connecticut court on Thursday sentenced right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay an extra $473 million in punitive damages.

Over $323 million in common law punitive penalties for attorney’s fees and expenses and $150 million in damages under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, which forbids unfair competition and deceptive practices, were granted to the families by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis.

Alex Jones Sentenced To Pay Sandy Hook Family Over $500 Million In Extra Damages
Alex Jones Sentenced To Pay Sandy Hook Family Over $500 Million In Extra Damages

Bellis said that “the evidence further demonstrates that the defendants repeatedly engaged in the behavior and assaults on the plaintiffs for over a decade,” including “wilful, spiteful, and atrocious conduct” throughout the trial. The defendants’ “depravity” and “cruel, relentless course of action” prove that they are “absolutely beyond reproach.”

Eight families of Sandy Hook children and a first responder were given $965 million in compensatory damages last month, and this large amount of money is in addition to that. Punitive damages are awarded at the discretion of the court under Connecticut law.

Following the 2012 mass shooting in which 26 people were murdered, Jones repeatedly claimed without any evidence that the tragedy had been staged and that the victims’ relatives and first responders were all “crisis actors.”

Numerous lawsuits were filed as a result of the falsehoods, and in September and October, a trial was conducted in Connecticut.

Throughout the trial, the plaintiffs in that action spoke eloquently about how the falsehoods had resulted in relentless harassment against them and added additional misery to the loss of their loved ones.

For further information, CNN has contacted Alex Jones’ lawyer.

In the end, when and how much of the money will be distributed to the plaintiffs is unknown.

Jones has said that he plans to file an appeal of the original Connecticut ruling, arguing that he “ain’t no money” to pay the enormous sum the jury originally gave the plaintiffs.

Earlier, a jury in Texas had decided that two Sandy Hook parents who had filed suit in that state were entitled to roughly $50 million against Jones and his firm.

Jones originally denied about the 2012 incident, but as he faced several lawsuits, he eventually admitted that a massacre had taken place. However, the families in both the Connecticut and Texas cases won default judgments against him due to his refusal to comply with court orders issued during the discovery phase of the proceedings.


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