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Alison Victoria Net Worth: How Much Money Does Alison Victoria Make?

Alison Victoria Net Worth

Alison Victoria Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $4 million, Windy City Rehab star Alison Victoria is an interior designer and reality TV personality. Litigation against the show’s host is presently pending, and it has the potential to exhaust her financial resources.

All of Alison’s work on Windy City Rehab takes place within Chicago, Illinois. It is Alison’s goal to discover and renovate historic buildings in the Windy City into Windy City Rehab properties for high-end buyers. As a result of the properties she selects and renovates, she hopes to turn a profit on each one.

An emotional and financial crisis awaits Alison at the end of Windy City Rehab season 2. Until Tuesday night’s program, Donovan Eckhardt was also her romantic boyfriend. In an interview, Alison disclosed that she and Donovan are no longer together. Victoria and Eckhardt are also being sued for the building of properties they’ve refurbished and sold together, making things much more difficult for them. In the event that Alison is sued, her finances could be severely affected.

It is estimated that Alison net worth is $4 million. Because of her work as an interior designer, Victoria amassed a substantial net worth. For several years, she worked as an interior designer for a company called Alison Victoria Interiors. The DIY Network’s Crashers series was one of Alison’s first jobs after college.

With her interior design business and reality television, she was able to increase her riches. In spite of the litigation that might make her life a lot more difficult, she appears to be keeping a happy attitude, as evidenced by the Instagram post below:

Two lawsuits have been filed against the reality show hosts in the last year. After purchasing their homes, both homeowners said they discovered shoddy Windy City Rehab renovations. There were complaints about “leaks and water penetration,” “garage floor concerns,” “negligent construction,” and “crumbling external mortar,” among other things.

As a result of the high costs of fixing the reported problems, the new owners have decided to file litigation. A lawsuit has been filed against Alison for the home’s construction, which she denies doing. She is only in charge of the design aspect even though she and Eckhardt own most of the properties they remodel.. Donovan is in charge of all aspects of their projects, including design, development, and finance.

A “stop work” order was also issued on multiple properties when Windy City Rehab began in January 2019. The city of Chicago also revoked Donovan’s general contractor and property development licenses. According to Victoria, Eckhardt had made suspicious payments to his own enterprises and had missed more than 20 inspections in season two.

Victoria is working hard to free herself from her current predicament, both mentally and financially. “I just need to figure out how to stop losing money on Donovan Eckhardt. Despite the fact that I’ve dissolved my partnership with him, I’m still tied with him… He is no longer linked to my life in this way. This is the only way out. “It’s time to get rid of them and move on.”

“Tremendous power necessitates great responsibility,” goes an old adage. In today’s world, money is the primary source of power. Alison is lucky to be able to pursue her ambition of remodeling homes, but she’s also selling homes that may be the most significant investments the buyers will make in their lifetimes. The fact that Victoria wasn’t in charge of overseeing the construction of the modifications does not exonerate her from responsibility.

She and Donovan will be held accountable for the shoddy restorations, in the eyes of the law, on equal terms. So that she may keep her money and the Windy City Rehab name, Victoria needs to be able to show that she had nothing to do with the disastrous repairs.

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