American Vandal Real Or Fake: Is It True Crime That’s Fake Or Fake Crime That’s True?

American Vandal Real Or Fake: As of the 15th of September, 2017, when Netflix users accessed the service, they found a new series titled American Vandal available to watch. There wasn’t a lot of buildup to its debut, but those who stuck around were in for a treat.

In the first season of American Vandal, which is a spoof of true-crime films like Netflix’s own Making a Murderer, a group of student filmmakers attempt to exonerate a student who was expelled after he or she destroyed 27 staff automobiles with phallic pictures and was then expelled.

American Vandal, which featured a mostly unrecognizable cast, was nominated for an Emmy and won a Peabody Award despite being one of Netflix’s most-watched shows of the year.

After the 2017 premiere, the show was quickly renewed for a second season, which premiered in 2018. In this season, the team investigates a new crime at a Catholic private high school, where a mysterious criminal known only as “The Turd Burglar” sabotaged the cafeteria’s lemonade, causing multiple students to defecate.

Netflix would not extend the true-crime parody for a second season, despite positive reviews and the series’ rumored long-term viability, and the show left the streaming service with as little fanfare as it had arrived.

Audiences who watched the show were left in mourning because of its sudden cancellation. Season two of American Vandal premiered nearly four years ago, but it’s still worth watching since it’s incredibly amusing and, in some ways, seems more relevant now than it did then.

American Vandal Real Or Fake

To begin, the mockumentary’s first season focuses solely on a bunch of jerks. The second season follows the same two high school journalists from the first season as they investigate a turd thief.

Furthermore, neither season is a documentary in the conventional sense, nor is it based on a true story.

This is meant to be humorously mocking. This paragraph contains spoilers. But as more and more people have seen, both seasons are excellently entertaining. Season 2 of “Stranger Things” debuted on Netflix in September 2018.

Several Things You Might Not Know About American Vandal

They Began Lampooning Michael Jordan

Perrault and Tony Yacenda’s 2013 30 for 30 spoof gained recognition before American Vandal. The two made a five-minute “documentary” on Space Jam’s final basketball game, with NBA commentators and Bugs Bunny discussing Michael Jordan’s play. Rocky IV’s climactic confrontation between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago was similarly retrospective in 2015.

Pee Hole Problems

With video in hand, Perrault and Yacenda pitched their spray-painted penises documentary satire to multiple outlets in early 2016. Perrault told Vanity Fair that at least one cable network executive was concerned about depicting the phallic graffiti.

American Vandal Real Or FakeSource: Mental Floss

“I don’t think we could have done penises the same way,” he remarked. “I won’t name the cable network—but we were told that, like, the pee hole, for example, is an issue on cable.” Netflix was unconcerned.

Not All Was Scripted

American Vandal feels like a documentary, but its actors read prepared lines. For scenes involving Peter Maldonado, the interrogator-turned-filmmaker, director Yacenda had actor Tyler Alvarez conduct free-flowing interviews with cast members and refer to his in-character notes. Perrault said the series “felt like this was a genuine situation and we were working with real people” because of that realism.

It’s Not Spoofing Serial And Making A Murderer

Perrault and Yacenda commonly credit Serial and Making a Murderer for inspiring American Vandals. However, they like documentaries. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, the pair said the show also drew on HBO’s The Jinx about affluent, perhaps deadly Robert Durst, Errol Morris’s 1988 feature documentary The Thin Blue Line, and The Central Park Five.

Nana’s Party Existed Too

The series’ producers staged a fake high school party at “Nana’s,” the host’s grandmother’s house, to capture social media footage for Peter and Sam. Staff writer Seth Cohen was inspired by a 1999 “Nana” party. Cohen showed the writing staff party footage.

2017’s Most-binged Netflix Show

American Vandal was able to intrigue folks. Netflix provided a top 10 list of binged shows in December 2017. American Vandal topped 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, and The Keepers.

Anthology Series

When the show took off, Perrault and Yacenda wanted to continue Dylan’s penis-painter saga in a second season. Peter and Sam will investigate a new feces case. They’re now famous true-crime documentarians in American Vandal and may be the only recurring characters.

Peabody Award

The Peabody Awards have never honored a show about poorly drawn penises. American Vandal won the prize in April 2018, with members praising the show’s exploration of adolescence, societal constructs, and technology.

“The show’s careful realism and straight-faced performances are part of its comedy,” the organization wrote, “but they are also the foundation for a climax that finds the tragedy in Dylan’s infamy and the injustices behind the crime itself, foregrounding our complicity in the series’ unexpectedly profound lesson of what is unearthed when a quest for the truth loses its way.”

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