Apple Has Withdrawn The New iOS 16.2 HomeKit Architecture After Users Reported Problems With The Home App

After consumers started to complain about the program, Apple stopped distributing an optional Home app upgrade. On a support website, the business claims, “We temporarily removed the opportunity to upgrade to the new Home architecture,” as seen by MacRumors.

“Soon, you’ll be able to improve once more. If you have previously upgraded, this change has no effect on you.”

The recalled update, which was Apple’s change to HomeKit’s core architecture, was made available on December 13 as part of iOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.1. The platform will become “more stable and efficient,” according to Apple.

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Some users who loaded the software, meanwhile, quickly ran into problems, such as some Siri phrases not functioning properly and their smart home gadgets not appearing in the Home app.

One of the first media outlets to notice that Apple had disabled the upgrading option was MacRumors. After being contacted by The Verge, the corporation subsequently verified the move.

“We are aware of a problem that could affect customers’ ability to share the Home using the Home app. There will be a repair soon, “According to a spokesman for Apple, “We’ve temporarily eliminated the ability to upgrade to the new Home architecture in the interim.

Users who have already upgraded won’t experience any issues.” There is no way to go back to the previous framework if you’ve already installed the new architecture; you’ll have to wait for Apple to issue a software repair.

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