Are Caleb And Alina Still Together: 90 Day Fiance Couple Have Moved On

Are Caleb And Alina Still Together: Reality actress Alina Kozhevnikova discussed how her relationship with Caleb Greenwood was impacted by her firing from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days due to previous racist posts.

After becoming Facebook friends as teenagers, Russian woman Alina and Arizonan guy Caleb lost touch before reuniting on Tinder 13 years later.

Alina, the first child in the 90 Day Fiancé series, was praised for having a well-ordered personality when she initially appeared, but things started to change after she and Caleb traveled to Turkey. Throwback pictures from Alina’s Facebook and Instagram accounts also revealed her using the N-word and making other harsh remarks, which added to criticism of her overbearing behavior with Caleb.


Are Caleb And Alina Still Together

Alina initially blamed Photoshop for her first post that contained the N-word. Fans quickly learned, however, that she had made posts in which she made fun of Asians, and Muslims, and one in which the slur was used seven times. TLC fired Alina and stopped shooting as a result of fan criticism of the network.

On 90 Day Fiancé, Caleb’s future was still unknown. Fans watched the conclusion of Alina and Caleb’s love story in Before the 90 Days episode 9 to make sure there wouldn’t be any more of their plot on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Because Alina kept her live-in connection with an ex-boyfriend from him, Caleb had begun to question her.

As they were wrapping up their trip to Turkey, Caleb was open about the fact that she wasn’t sure if he was prepared to date someone with a disability.

The closing exchange between Caleb and Alina seemed to indicate that their relationship was finished, but it also left the audience hanging. Since she answered a question regarding Caleb on her most recent YouTube AMA, confused fans appear to have questioned Alina about it.

Let me put it that way, we still chat,” Alina said to the fan, adding, “I see where you’re coming from.” Caleb and Alina are still friends, according to Alina. Alina said regarding her ex-boyfriend, “He is helping me and he does have my back in some ways.

Where Are Caleb And Alina Now

Alina acknowledged that they don’t talk as much as they used to. She acknowledged that, prior to all that occurred, she was considering dating Caleb and that their talk had “romantic intentions.”

Alina admitted, “Now it’s just a pals sort of thing.” She did admit that Caleb means a lot to her and that she has nothing but positive thoughts for him.

She chuckled, “but he’s so friggin goofy. Despite the harsh criticism she received for appearing on 90 Day Fiancé because she began to understand “many things about racism,” Alina believes it was worthwhile.

She gained a thicker skin and a lot more confidence as she started dealing with critical remarks after learning about cancel culture.

Are Caleb And Alina Still Together

In addition, Alina gave fans an update on her relationship with Elijah, who co-starred with her in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Nothing has changed between Alina and Elijah; they continue to cohabitate. Meanwhile, Caleb just shared his favorite old photo of himself, Alina, and Elijah from their trip to Turkey.

As a result of their surprise at how his narrative with Alina ended, several 90-Day Fiancé fans have continued to message Caleb. There were some questions raised by Alina’s heart emoji on Caleb’s Instagram post.

But given that she is still seeking forgiveness from her admirers, it is safe to infer that she has moved on from him.

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