Are Lauren And Nate Still Together: Did “The Ultimatum” Couple Marry?

Are Lauren And Nate Still Together: There’s a new dating show on Netflix with an absurd premise, and it’s called The Ultimatum. The purpose of the program for engaged couples is mere to date and see if the person they came with is the one they are meant to depart with.

One partner in the relationship has issued an ultimatum demanding marriage or the end of the relationship. If you think it seems like the worst-case scenario for a relationship counselor, you’d probably be right.

One couple featured on the show, Nate Ruggles and Lauren Kilos, never even got to the “dating around” phase. Nate popped the question to Lauren right away, before they had even picked up a replacement spouse for their make-believe union.

Is the couple still together, though? The show was shot months ago. Did they end up getting married? The information we have thus far is as follows. They went an extended stretch without tagging each other on Instagram.

In order to prevent viewers from “spoiling” the show by monitoring your Instagram, the producers of reality shows like The Ultimatum may encourage you to delete or hide several of your most recent posts. In light of this, it was possible that Lauren and Nate were still together and perhaps even married for a while, but we didn’t know for sure until yesterday’s reunion program aired.

At that point, the reunion was confirmed in every detail. We learn that Lauren and Nate are still together and are receiving help from therapists. They compromised by deciding to have one child in the future, despite not wanting any at the moment.


Who Are Lauren And Nate

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, a new Netflix series, will include Lauren Pounds as part of one pair. The 26-year-old is currently in a relationship with Nathan Ruggles, a 30-year-old who will also be appearing on the show.

After nearly three years of dating, Nathan finally gave her an ultimatum. Is Lauren going to marry him, or will she find someone else? To discover, you’ll have to tune in to the show.

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Keep reading if you’re curious about Lauren’s background information, such as her birthday, astrological sign, Instagram handle, and favorite pastimes. Information about the various contestants is being compiled so that you may have an idea of who will be appearing in the first season of the Netflix show.

Nathan founded and serves as chief operating officer (COO) of Derive Development, a Texas-based premium urban real estate development firm, per his profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn. He has also held the positions of director of sales at and business development manager at rival real estate firm Urbanist.

As serious as Nathan appears to be about his career, he relaxes considerably when he’s not at work. Since he is so laid back, he even got a tattoo of the Whataburger logo on his leg. That’s about as chill as it gets, in my opinion.

Are Lauren And Nate Still Together

Lauren and Nate disagreed because he wanted babies and she didn’t. Fans want to know if Lauren and Nate have moved on from having babies, which is a deal breaker for many couples.

Lauren said, “Nathan clearly understands where I stand when it comes to how I feel about children,” in an episode. We’ll break up if we can’t agree.” Nate was set on ending his relationship with Lauren and starting a family with a woman until envy started to creep in.

He didn’t want Lauren and Colby to get closer. “Colby is the type of guy, in my head, that is going to continue to push the envelope, continue to approach Lauren, and that bothers me,” he told the cameras. Colby’s objectives are unknown to me. If Lauren chooses Colby and they live together for three weeks, I’m s———g my pants.”

Before taking any further risks, he proposed to Lauren.

Nate proposed shortly after Hunter Parr asked Alexis Maloney. The two are still together, even though several viewers thought Nate’s proposal was phony and that he only proposed because he didn’t know who to choose for the trial marriage.

The couple confirmed their engagement during April 13’s reunion.

Nate and Lauren “compromise” on having kids.
The pair discussed their brief time on the program at the reunion after Nate’s “awkward” proposal, according to Nick Lachey. To agree on babies after their engagement, Nate and Lauren sought “professional guidance.”

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