Police in Indiana Reportedly Apprehended a Guy From Arizona on Charges That He Faked His Own Suicide

Christen Allen Wright, who had a warrant out for his arrest in Indiana for sexual misbehavior and abusing a juvenile, was apprehended by authorities and thereafter allegedly staged his own suicide.

The charges stem from an investigation performed by El Mirage police in 2017, and according to a police statement, Wright “started a conspiracy to fake his death to evade any court judgment” before his scheduled judicial appearance on March 20, 2023.

Authorities in El Mirage and Maricopa County found out about Wright’s death from a mutual friend, but they were unable to verify the information that he had passed away in a local hospital. It was shortly discovered that Wright had fled Arizona and was now in Clark County, Indiana, according to the statement.

Arizona Man Arrested In Indiana

Further inquiry revealed that Wright had handed an acquaintance in Phoenix his electronic monitoring device, which had been ordered by a court, as well as other personal belongings. Wright finally requested his friend to break the news that he had passed away.

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According to a statement released (you can check below) by Sheriff Scottie Maples of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana, law enforcement agencies in El Mirage, Jeffersonville, and Indiana collaborated to locate Wright after receiving information that he might be in the region.

“Authorities in Arizona relayed information to our agency that Mr. Wright had attempted to deceive investigators into believing he was deceased by driving to a local hospital in Arizona and having an acquaintance phone his family and tell them he was deceased, and they needed to collect his personal property from the hospital,” Maples said in the statement. “This act of deception assisted Mr. Wright in fleeing Arizona.”

The Southern Indiana Regional SWAT team was able to track down and apprehend Wright at a home in Sellersburg, Indiana. On March 24, Wright, age 38, was arrested and put into the Clark County Prison pending his extradition back to Maricopa County.

“Wright thought he could avoid justice and execute a plan to leave Arizona to avoid prosecution. Serving the victim involved in the 2017 case and holding Wright accountable was a priority for my department,” said El Mirage Police Chief Paul Marzocca in a statement.

“I commend Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, her staff, and Clark County Sheriff Scott Maples and his staff for their quick response and assistance.”

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