Attorney: Suspect’s Gun-laden Backpack Was Returned To Him On Shooting Day

On Thursday, a lawyer for the victims of the shooting at Oxford High School held a press conference to discuss recent developments.

Several school staff members who knew accused gunman Ethan Crumbly before the shooting on November 30, 2021, gave depositions for attorney Ven Johnson to review.

Attorney: Suspect's Gun-laden Backpack Was Returned To Him On Shooting Day
Attorney: Suspect’s Gun-laden Backpack Was Returned To Him On Shooting Day

A teacher and three pupils, including Crumbley, are among the seven individuals injured in the shooting. At this point in his adult life, he is being charged with murder and terrorism.

Jennifer and James Crumbley have been arrested and charged with manslaughter. The school district is facing multiple lawsuits alleging negligence on its part.

To me, this kind of disregard is inexcusable. You should know that four of our guardian angels have recently passed away. There’s no way I can justify dropping the ball at this point. We keep finding out, months later, that this was completely avoidable. Those kids should be here with us today, said Jill Soave, Justin Shilling’s mom.

Johnson provided fresh emails between school personnel and a timeline of events during the press conference.

For the simple fact that, as you all know, Oxford Community Schools has done nothing except cover up and conceal this information, Johnson explained why they were acting today.

According to Johnson, the alleged shooter had “indications of difficulties” before to the attack.

Late in the school year, Crumbley allegedly handed his instructor a drawing depicting himself with a gun. This was reported by Crumbley’s teacher, Johnson. The instructor claims she was unaware of the drawing until the day of the massacre.

And yet, despite the fact that he sketched it and presented it to her, she insisted that she hadn’t even looked at it. “I just want us to give that some thought,” Johnson remarked.

A teacher wrote an email to the guidance counselor about Crumbley on September 8, 2022.

When she read Crumbley’s autobiography poetry, she was disturbed to learn that he described his family as a “mistake” and that he felt bad about it. She found his reaction to the task to be “strange.”

The advisor acknowledged receiving the email but stated he was too busy to respond right away. He stated in court that he did communicate with the educator but not Crumbley.

The guidance counselor stated that the teacher had stopped caring because it was just homework and not something that directly affected the student’s life. According to his testimony, the instructor eventually shifted her position.

However, the teacher gave a different account to police after the incident. She informed authorities that the counselor had mentioned a conversation with Crumbley.

Crumbley allegedly warned a classmate not to show up to class, according to that student.
Supposedly, Johnson overheard Crumbley say to another student, “if I ever tell you not to come to school sometime, don’t.” On the Thursday before the fatal shooting, on November 25, 2021, that happened.

Between the time of the warning and the shooting, Crumbley allegedly showed the classmate photos of his gun and the target he had been shooting at. Johnson thinks Crumbley’s mother and he went shooting the Sunday before the incident, which would explain the photos.

Crumbley had shown the friend the bullet in his pocket the day before the horrific school massacre. This fellow student didn’t know what to do, so he didn’t report the occurrence.

You may have seen the headline: “Mom and son texted about gun the day before school shooting.”

Having brought Crumbley’s backpack from the classroom, the counselor
Crumbley had been in class that day of the shooting but was taken to the office instead. He talks to school administrators for 45 minutes, and they treat it like a normal chat.

Crumbley’s parents call, and he immediately feels guilty about skipping class. He stated he needs his homework and wants his backpack.

The guidance counselor went to the classroom to retrieve the bag. It was weighty, according to the counselor, who testified that the teacher picked it up even though it appeared empty. A firearm, magazines, and Crumbley’s manifesto were found inside the bag.

They gave the backpack to Crumbley, according to Johnson.

According to their statements, “they never even considered checking the bag.” It didn’t occur to either of them to say something like, “Hey, guy, show us what’s in there” to Ethan. We want to make sure everything is okay. He wasn’t even asked,” Johnson added.

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