Authorities Claim A Man Consumed Magic Mushrooms And Attacked Flight Attendants

While flying from Miami to Washington, D.C. on United Airlines, a man was arrested on assault charges after allegedly attacking two flight attendants while high on magic mushrooms.

According to court filings filed in Virginia last week, the incident on October 4 began when Cherruy Loghan Sevilla began causing a disturbance one hour into the journey.

Authorities Claim A Man Consumed Magic Mushrooms And Attacked Flight Attendants
Authorities Claim A Man Consumed Magic Mushrooms And Attacked Flight Attendants

Sevilla allegedly grabbed the arm of the passenger next to him before “wandering about the aircraft, rushing up and down the aisle, clapping loudly near the cockpit, and shouted obscenities,” as reported by the authorities. According to the affidavit, Sevilla also smashed a restroom door and let a passenger out.

Despite the flight attendants’ best efforts, Sevilla’s “screams and outburst got louder,” as stated in the affidavit. Sevilla was allegedly lying on the floor and grabbing at the flight attendant’s breast as she tried to get him back in his seat.

The affidavit states that officers and other members of the crew and passengers tried to overpower Sevilla. While officers were cuffing Sevilla, he twisted the arm of another flight attendant.

The affidavit states that for the remaining two hours of the trip, Sevilla “screamed and muttered incomprehensible things” while shackled. He also reportedly yelled as the aircraft landed and federal authorities boarded the flight to arrest him.

Sevilla admitted to using psilocybin before to takeoff when questioned by the FBI several hours later. According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, those who partake of the psychedelic substance often referred to as “magic mushrooms” may experience hallucinatory effects. Sevilla allegedly admitted to authorities that this wasn’t the first time he’d used MDMA and that he recalled “getting out of his seat, being loud and groping people.”

“Sevilla said that he wasn’t completely shocked by his behavior after taking it. Sevilla apologized for his behavior and claimed he understood the consequences “in accordance with the affidavit.

Sevilla will be in court next week to face charges of assault and interfering with aircraft crew members and attendants.

Shannon Quill, who represents Sevilla, did not immediately return a call from USA TODAY.

United expressed gratitude to all who assisted in the management of the issue in a statement to USA TODAY.

“We checked in on our crew members to make sure everyone was well. We appreciate the team’s maturity and competence in the face of adversity “that’s what the statement implied.


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