Bella Poarch Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make A Year?

Have you ever wondered what a Bella Poarch net worth is? Bella Poarch is one of the world’s most successful and wealthiest TikTokers. More than $40,000 each month comes into Bella Poarch’s bank account. Her wealth originates from a wide range of industries, including social media, her TikTok account, and the music business. Bella makes a significant amount of money through her popular YouTube channel, where she posts music videos and has millions of subscribers.

She became nationally famous at an early age thanks to her lip sync videos, which featured her performing in a variety of styles. Bella’s net worth increases annually because of her prominence in the social media business.

In addition, the model benefits greatly from the many paid endorsements, TV spots, and other media appearances in which she appears. Every year, Bella Poarch earns more than $2,000,000. An impressive $8 million in wealth at such a little age.


In April of 2020, Bella Poarch created a TikTok account and began uploading lip-sync videos set to hit tunes. She immediately ascended to stardom and within just 8 months she had 14 million followers on TikTok.

The video of Bella Paroach lip-syncing to Millie B.’s “Sophie Aspin Send” went viral in August of 2020, propelling Paroach to fame. For her career, this video served as a watershed moment, eventually becoming the most popular clip on the social media app TikTok.

As of the year 2022, Bella Poarch has amassed over 84 million followers, making her one of the most popular figures on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Her TikTok channel mostly included Lip Sync performances, adorable dancing tutorials, and the occasional gaming video.

Poarch has also worked with several other well-known artists, including James Charles, Tyga, and many more.

Personal Life

As of the year 2022, Marie Bella Policarpio Pocklington will be 25 years old. She was born on February 8, 1997, in the Philippines. Bella has kept her parents’ identities secret, however, her father is a former US Navy officer from the United States and her mother is from the Philippines.


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Her parents are flexible people who initially met in Saudi Arabia. Originally from the Philippines, Bella Poarch and her family emigrated to the United States when she was 13 years old, and she spent the years 2017 and 2018 serving in the United States Navy (2018). One younger brother and two older sisters are Bella’s adopted family.

Physical Stats

Other than that, she has a relatively slender figure, standing at 5 foot 3 inches and weighing 55 kg ( 121 Lbs).

Because Bella Poarch has so many other tattoos, the one on her palm of a “Rising Sun Flag” was singled out for criticism. She eventually admitted it in September of 2020 and made sure to cover her tracks.

Other Work

Bella Poarch is well known as a popular TikToker, but she is also a talented vocalist; her first single, “Build a Bitch,” was published on May 14, 2021. In excess of 318 million people have listened to the song on YouTube.

Soon after launching her YouTube channel, Poached attracted a tremendous following. In August 2021, Poarch dropped a new single titled “Inferno,” which quickly went viral and amassed over 70 million views in just two months.


The stunning Instagram celebrity Bella Poarch lives in a high-end condo in the city of Los Angeles, California.

The spacious home, which is 797 square feet in size, features an ultra-modern style and a generous number of rooms. Among the various amenities of this property are a gym and a large theatre.

Bella Poarch Car

Bella Poarch has a pricey vehicle and enjoys the finer things in life. Her favorite automobile is a $200,000 Maserati Ghibli GranLusso that she drives about in style.

Poarch’s social media fame has helped her amass a substantial fortune, which she lavishly spends on ostentatious luxuries. Investing $305,000, she now owns a high-end Porsche Panamera. She also is the proud owner of a Land Rover Discovery that set her back $175,000 in American currency. She also has a few other luxury vehicles in her garage, including an Aston Martin DBX, a Lincoln Aviator, and an Audi Q8.


With more than 84 million followers, Bella Poarch is undoubtedly one of the most popular users on the video-sharing platform. So many businesses want her to represent their brands because she is the go-to person for marketing success.

US-based gaming equipment giant HyperX has hired Bella Poarch as a brand ambassador. In addition, Bella, who has become a social media phenomenon, endorses numerous products and benefits financially as a result.

Bella Poarch Net Worth

Bella Poarch net worth is $12 million dollar. Advertisements have brought well over $6 million for Bella Poarch. Bella Poarch retired in 2019 after serving in the US Navy for four years.

Bella Poarch,” an American-Filipina singer, is worth $12 million. Wikipedia, Forbes, and the Internet Movie Database all put Bella Poarch, a popular Filipino-American singer, at a net worth of roughly $12 million. Don’t forget to look at the wealth of other NBA stars like Dell Curry and Scottie Pippen.

Bella Poarch Net Worth:

Name Bella Poarch
Net Worth 2022 $12 Million
Monthly Income $40 thousand
Yearly Income $2 million
Profession Singer, Social Media Star
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

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