New Bridge Funding From the Biden Administration Approaches $300 Million

Nearly $300 million in financing from the Biden administration’s hallmark infrastructure program will be unveiled on Thursday for nine bridge projects around the country, according to officials.

One of President Joe Biden’s major legislative achievements is the infrastructure law, which was enacted by the United States Congress with backing from Democrats and Republicans. His administration is anxious to promote this accomplishment as he prepares for a likely re-election effort.

While Vice President Biden is away in Ireland, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and others from the Obama administration will travel to several construction sites to discuss the funding that will be allocated to bridge projects in eight states and the District of Columbia.

Biden Administration Unveils Nearly $300 Million

According to the White House, “these investments will save taxpayers time and money by reducing congestion and making long overdue improvements” to the two bridges that service a total of 230,000 vehicles every day.

In November 2021, Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law, and since then, his administration has been working on putting the bill into action through initiatives including repairing crumbling bridges and roads and increasing the number of people with access to high-speed internet.

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