Big Little Lies Season 3 : Will Happen Eventually?

Back in 2017, when Big Little Lies initially aired on our TVs, it had us captivated. After two seasons of Monterey, California-based female drama, people are eager to see what happens next.

There have been over two years since Season 2 was released in June of 2019, but will there be a Season 3? So far, this is all we have to go on.

Big Little Lies Season 3 Plot

There is no fresh information to add to the informed guesses we’ve made based on the storyline that has played out on our televisions for so long now.

It is expected that Bonnie will admit that she pushed Perry down the stairs after seeing him abuse Celeste in the police station at the end of season two.

When Perry was trying to save his wife from being beaten, we presume the rest of the group would back up her claim and attest to Perry’s violent behavior.

There is no guarantee that their confession will be caught on camera or that the story will jump forward in time.

The second season of the program was going to finish with the death of a character, Kravitz disclosed on Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast.

“Someone was destined to die, but it wasn’t me,” she explained.

“I think the way we concluded the season was obviously extremely exciting, but also everyone got to come together,” she said while discussing the end of season one. At the end of Season 1, I believe everyone felt it necessary to see these women’s stories come together, even though they were all quite different. I think it was a powerful thing to see that happen.

It’s possible we made this decision because of that. I’d love to do another season, but I can’t promise anything.”

The fact that she isn’t the only one has been made very evident. This season’s cast hasn’t slowed down at all, despite the fact that the previous season ended.

Reese Witherspoon acknowledged in an interview with ET Canada:

After a cliffhanger like that, “We’re trying, guys, we’re trying to come up with the appropriate plot.”

Also, she remarked, “We want to do it.” “We’re just waiting a little bit — didn’t we talk to Nicole? Nicole was on FaceTime with us recently.” ‘She just texted that we’ve had to do another one right immediately!’ Laura Dern concluded.

So popular is the award-winning show that it has received 101 nominations and 54 awards.

This year, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman addressed on behalf of the show’s team, saying that they attributed its success to the empowering of women.

It has been a great year for women in television, Reese Witherspoon noted (reported via The Hollywood Reporter). The hero of the story should be a woman, not a man.” “I’m grateful for the chance.”

“Now, more fantastic roles for women, please!” exclaimed Kidman.

Big Little Lies won eight Emmys in 2014, with Nicole Kidman taking the Best Lead Actress prize. According to Variety’s article, she complimented the show’s efforts to raise awareness of domestic violence that affects women of any socioeconomic status.

Kidman described the condition as “complex and sneaky.” “It is significantly more prevalent than we give it credit for. To be recognized by you with this award brings it to even more prominence.”

She told the audience that the inspiration for Big Little Lies came from Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon’s displeasure with the lack of roles for women.

Let’s pray for a third season so that the female-led cast can have more important roles and tales.

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Big Little Lies Season 3 Cast

Big Little Lies Season 3 Cast
Big Little Lies Season 3 Cast
  • Madeline (Reese Witherspoon)
  • Celeste (Nicole Kidman)
  • Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz)
  • Jane (Shailene Woodley)
  • Renata (Laura Dern)

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date

Witherspoon and Dern discussed a possible third season on Instagram Live in 2020, ET Online reported at the time. According to Witherspoon: “We’d like to do that, but we’re waiting on Nicole to confirm – didn’t we speak to her about it? Nicole was on FaceTime with us the other day.” After Dern said, “She just texted that we need to do another one right soon!”

According to E! Online, Nicole Kidman will appear on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” in December 2021. On the subject of characters she’d like to return to, she told Andy Cohen: “I think we’d all love to do a Big Little Lies season three, you know?” when he asked her.

She even said that the four lead actors from the show would be interested in returning. “I don’t know,” the Oscar-winner replied when asked if that was the case.

Season 3 of Big Little Lies hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we have no idea when it might air. Season 1 debuted in February 2017 and Season 2 was released in June of 2019—a gap of about 16 months.

Season 2 and a possible season 3 would be separated by a larger gap than we’ve previously seen because we’re currently in 2021.


Big Little Lies Season 3 Trailer

Of course, because the third season hasn’t been announced, there’s no trailer to go along with it. But here’s where you can relive all the season 2 :

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