Birmingham Tow Truck Driver’s Killing Judged Justified

Police in Birmingham, Alabama, have determined that the September shooting death of a man at a towing company was a justified killing.

The shooting murder of Adarius Jamar Peterson, 29, occurred on September 29 at Parking Enforcement Services, located at 2605 5th Ave. South.

Birmingham Tow Truck Driver's Killing Judged Justified
Birmingham Tow Truck Driver’s Killing Judged Justified

After compiling their findings, the investigators turned them over to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. According to the police report, “after reviewing the evidence, the District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson County determined that the measures were justified.”

According to Lt. Rod Mauldin, police were called to the store after a report of gunfire. When they got there, they discovered Peterson inside the company fence.

According to Mauldin, Peterson, who reportedly had a vehicle parked in the lot, got into a dispute with a parking enforcement official that led to gunfire.

The event resulted in the detention of a 31-year-old tow truck driver, but no charges will be filed against him.


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