Body Of 5-year-old Girl Found In Concrete Block Used As Bedside Table By Mother

The body of a five-year-old girl who went missing was discovered inside a wooden box filled with cement that her mother had been using as a nightstand.

Milagros Nazareth Martin’s body was found by police in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after her worried father contacted them since he hadn’t seen her in months.

Vanesa Mansilla, the mother of the child, is reportedly accused of “culpable homicide.”

According to reports, she first informed the father that she had given the child to social services due to the unsanitary conditions in her home.

She reportedly confirmed her daughter had passed away but said she had no idea what to do and was “scared” when police arrived to check her home.

She is reported to have placed the body in a bag, which was then placed into a box that was filled with cement taken from a nearby construction site out of fear that her other two children, who were ages three and seven, would be removed from her.

According to an investigator, “She utilized the box with the body inside as a bedside table in her bedroom.”

Milagros needed a tracheostomy and a nasogastric tube due to pre-existing ailments, which led to a post-mortem examination that revealed she had died from a respiratory infection.

“So far, there is no record of past allegations of gender assault,” a judicial spokesperson stated.

Telam was informed by an investigator that the mother had first informed the girl’s family of her death.

The investigator stated, “She claimed that everything occurred one afternoon after bathing her kids.

“When she awoke from her siesta, she went to check on the girl, but she had already passed away. She claimed to have a runny nose and mouth drool.”

Those relatives reportedly alerted the authorities, who then authorized the immediate search.

According to reports, Milagros’s two brothers have been given their grandmother’s custody.

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