Brian Wilson Net Worth, Health Issues, And Music Career

Brian Wilson Early Life

To Audree Neva and Murry Wilson, he was born in Inglewood, California on June 20, 1942. In addition to his two older brothers, Dennis and Carl, he is the eldest of three boys who are all of the mixed Western European descent. As soon as his parents realized he was able to retain song tunes at the age of one, they nurtured his musical abilities. At the age of seven, he began singing in the church choir, and he continued to do so throughout his school years. To teach them harmony parts, he also sang with these brothers. He was also interested in replicating harmonic tones on the piano.

Wilson began singing publicly in high school, creating a band with his cousin Mike Love and continued his studies in music and psychology at El Camino College in Los Angeles in 1960. First song: “Surfer Girl,” 1963’s No. 10 smash; written in the following year.

Brian Wilson’s Career in Music

In 1961, the Pendletones, the forerunners of the Beach Boys, played together for the first time. All five men were from Wilson’s family: Carl and Dennis Wilson, cousin Mike Love and Al Jardine.

“Surfin,” a song penned by Wilson and Love, was their first local smash. The song was released by Candix Records, who promptly renamed the band the Beach Boys after the popularity of the song. While the band had a short stint with Candix Records, Wilson’s father, serving as the band’s manager, helped them land a deal with Capitol Records. It launched “409” and “Surfin Safari,” both of which were big hits across the country.

On Capitol Records in 1963 “Surfin’ U.S.A.” was Wilson’s first top ten success as a member of the Beach Boys. For their debut album, Wilson negotiated to be in charge of production and decided to use double tracking for all of the band’s vocals, which resulted in their distinctive deep sound.

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Wilson continued to work as a producer on Surfer Girl and Little Deuce Coupe, both of which were released in 1963. Furthermore, Wilson began working as a producer for other acts as well, such as Jan & Dean, the Castells, and The Honey. As a producer for other artists and the Beach Boys, he found himself better suited to the role and withdrew from the band’s tour schedule in 1964 after suffering a panic attack on a plane. For live performances, Glen Campbell and Bruce Johnston took Wilson’s place.

This experimentation with psychedelics and cannabis on Wilson’s part began in 1965 and had a tremendous impact on his music. Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys’ most highly acclaimed album since its release, is frequently regarded as a Brian Wilson solo album. Wilson continued his investigation into new forms and sounds of music, probably most notably in Pet Sounds. A few months later, Wilson’s song Good Vibrations, written for the Beach Boys, was released and went on to become the group’s third number-one hit in the United States.

With Smile, Wilson’s financial success ran into trouble because of band discord and some of Wilson’s issues. As Wilson’s enthusiasm for the Beach Boys began to wane, the project was canceled. Drug use and greater eccentricity led to a bad reputation for the band and record labels grew reluctant of collaborating with him in the following years.

Wilson’s voice began to deteriorate significantly after his father’s death in 1973 because of his regular use of tobacco and cocaine. His family and wife sought out the services of therapist Eugene Landy, who was able to help Wilson regain his equilibrium, despite the radical tactics and high cost of Landy’s treatment. After that, he re-joined the Beach Boys and began making solo albums, several of which were well received by critics.

Brian Wilson Personal Life

Marilyn Rovell was Brian Wilson’s wife from 1964 till 1979. Carnie and Wendy were their two daughters. Wilson began seeing Melinda Kae Ledbetter in 1986 after divorcing Rovell in 1979 and splitting up with her. After dating for three years, they broke up and reunited in 1995 to get married. They took in a total of five orphans.

Brian Wilson Health Problems

A lot of focus has been placed on Wilson’s battle with mental health issues and his tense relationship with therapist Eugene Landy. Wilson was put on a high dose of psychotropic medication after Landy made the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and manic depression. Latency dyskinesia was also produced by Wilson’s long-term use of these medicines, which resulted in repeated and uncontrollable movements. Since the 1960s, Wilson has also been known to encounter hallucinations as a result of his use of psychedelics.

Despite any personal issues, Wilson is best renowned for his musical genius, and he has won numerous awards for it. Wilson, who has been nominated for and won Grammy Awards nine times, is one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. NME has ranked him as the 8th greatest producer of all time. Additionally, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2000 by Paul McCartney and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a Beach Boys member.


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Brian Wilson Real Estate

Brian bought a big Beverly Hills mansion in 1999 for an undisclosed sum. At the time, he was asking slightly under $9 million for the property, which he listed in 2007. For $2.1 million, Brian and his wife bought a Lake Arrowhead home in 2012. In 2016, they put the house on the market for a price of 3.3 million dollars.

Brian Wilson’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American singer, songwriter, and producer Brian Wilson is $75 million.

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