Brother Of Shot Off-duty NYPD Officer Picked Up Wounded Officer Gun And Fired Back At Facebook Marketplace Robber

According to police sources, the brave brother of an off-duty police officer who was shot in the head and left seriously injured during a robbery in Brooklyn’s Facebook Marketplace took the injured officer’s gun and fired back at the robber.

The robber who shot the 26-year-old officer in East New York at around 7 p.m. Saturday was still wanted as of Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, the officer’s family and coworkers watched over him at Brookdale University Hospital in the hopes that he would survive.

According to sources, the cop and his relative, who was either his brother or brother-in-law, planned to purchase a Honda Pilot for $20,000 through Facebook Marketplace.

But a man told them to follow him toward an alley when they arrived at Ruby St. and Linden Blvd. in East New York. According to accounts, the thief fired six shots when the cop reached for his own weapon after the salesman produced a revolver.

When the injured officer’s weapon was recovered, the off-duty officer’s relative fired five times, but presumably missed the thief, according to sources.

One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, recalled the commotion. He stated, “They ran between the homes shooting. “Nine or ten rounds were heard. As they fled into Dumont Street, they exchanged gunfire. There was gunfire.

According to sources, the thief made a right turn onto S. Conduit Ave. after driving north on Ruby St.

The officer was sent in serious condition to Brookdale University Hospital after being shot in the head.

The relative was too traumatized to observe which side of the car the shooter entered, according to sources, and it is unclear if the culprit was riding with an accomplice.

According to sources, the shooter did not escape with the off-duty officer’s money, and the relative was unharmed.

“It’s awful, he has two children. He has two boys,” remarked Iffat Munir, the officer’s NYPD partner’s sister-in-law. “It’s tragic,” you say.

He referred to the injured cop as someone he had only recently met. He is a decent man.

The Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society provided information about the shooting on its Facebook page early on Sunday. The officer is Pakistani-American.

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In this trying moment, we need everyone’s prayers, the group wrote in a post. The group wrote, “May Allah (swt) grant him a full and speedy recovery.”

Approximately 80 members of the officer’s family, friends, and coworkers gathered for a vigil on Sunday night at Brookdale University Hospital, where religious leaders from several faiths gave prayers.

A black man with a beard and grey sweatpants are reported as the shooter’s attire. He escaped in a black car with tinted windows, according to police sources.

According to sources, police were also investigating whether the crime was connected to a nearby stickup that occurred last month.

The shooting occurred just over a year after Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera, two police officers, were slain on January 21, 2022, by a shooter using a Glock handgun modified with a drum magazine that allowed him to fire more than two dozen shots swiftly. The police were called in response to a domestic incident in Harlem.

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