Burnsville Shooting: Devotee of Adam Finseth Pays Tribute to Husband!

In a statement released on Sunday, one week following Adam Finseth’s death in a standoff shooting in Burnsville, his wife Tara paid tribute to the fallen firefighter and paramedic.

Three other first responders, including Finseth, were shot during the standoff last Sunday. There were two other officers murdered in the shooting: Paul Elmstand and Matthew Ruge. After the terrible tragedy, Tara Finseth’s family is suffering with enormous pain, which she expressed in her message.

The Statement reads in full:

Desolation doesn’t begin to describe how our family feels about Adam’s passing. This has shattered us. As they grow up, our kids will miss their “papa.” My perfect match isn’t here anymore to envelop me in his embrace and carry out the life we had meticulously plotted.

His sister has lost her older brother and best friend, and his parents have lost their son. A lot of loved ones have a hole in their hearts because of this. If you ever met someone who was both generous and modest, it would be Adam. He never wavered in his commitment to his loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors, town, and nation.

Many will miss his pleasant demeanor, infectious laughter, and genuine character. Despite his passing, our eternal champion’s spirit will endure in his offspring, extended family, friends, and community. For all the days until our meeting in paradise, we know he is with us. We are deeply grateful for the tremendous and comforting support you have shown our family at this challenging time.

Burnsville Shooting

His obituary, which was released over the weekend, also pays tribute to Finseth. In his obituary, Finseth recounts his life beginning with his birth in Faribault and continuing through his upbringing in Rochester, where he met his soulmate Tara, started a family, and served his nation as a firefighter-paramedic and during two tours of duty in Iraq.

To everyone’s life, Adam was a beacon of hope, according to the obituary. “His immense caring and loving attitude left an impact on this world, although he would never admit to it!” On Wednesday, Finseth, Elmstrand, and Ruge will be remembered at a memorial ceremony at Eden Prairie’s Grace Church.

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