Bus Drivers’ Courageous Rescue Of A Kidnapped Youngster Was Filmed

Brave new footage shows two Michigan school bus drivers rescuing a kid after the parents’ car was stolen as they dropped off an older sibling at school last week.

Kelloggsville Public Schools has revealed new security camera video showing a worried parent rushing to meet a school bus.

Bus Drivers' Courageous Rescue Of A Kidnapped Youngster Was Filmed
Bus Drivers’ Courageous Rescue Of A Kidnapped Youngster Was Filmed

We need to contact the authorities immediately. the father explains to the driver, the two-year-mother old’s crying at his side. Take the automobile, someone! A newborn is on the inside!

Grand Rapids area bus driver Dave Skinner called emergency services and notified his colleagues.

They “screamed at me that someone had taken their vehicle with their kid in it,” Skinner told NBC News.

An older kid needed assistance boarding the school bus, and the parents left their toddler in the car as they went to help.

Sue Figueroa, a local bus driver, saw the youngster sitting alone in a driveway within minutes. Her “Oh lovely baby” is caught on video from the bus’s interior.

With the words, “I’ll bring you to your mom,” she gently sets the youngster in the front seat of the bus. When Figueroa pulls up next to the woman’s car later on, he asks, “Ma’am, is this your baby?” As he hands over the kid, the driver keeps repeating, “He’s alright, He’s okay, He’s okay.”

All day long I couldn’t hold back the tears. There was a lot of heartbreak. After the event, “I was quite relieved,” Figueroa told NBC.

Initially, there were no reports of any arrests being made in connection with the event.


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