Chips And Joanna Gaines Divorce: Are ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Getting Divorced?

The Gaineses are more resilient than ever.

The proprietors of the Magnolia business have been married for little over 18 years, and as they reflect after reaching this significant milestone, they admit they’ve never thought of splitting up.

Chip, 46, recently told Access Hollywood that “one thing that I would say is our superpower is that Jo and I are not quitters.” “Honestly, it never even crosses my mind to throw in the towel.”

Early on in their relationship, he claimed, they both agreed that “divorce or leaving one another is not really an option for us.”

The husband and wife pair behind the hugely popular HGTV show “Fixer Upper” is well-known for their talent at transforming dilapidated houses into stunning residences.

The Gaineses’ flagship store, Magnolia Market, has developed into a lifestyle brand since the first season of the show aired in 2013, and they even launched their own television network, Magnolia Network.

An outline of the Gaineses’ relationship, courtship, and development into the well-known house-flipping couple can be found in an article by Insider.

The former HGTV star admitted that during a “real estate crisis” from 2006-2010, he and Joanna “had multiple opportunities to quit and throw in the towel” but that it wasn’t in their “DNA.” Also, read about Whoopi Goldberg

These days, they feel that “you can’t ever lose if you don’t quit.”


Chips And Joanna Gaines Divorce

Even though the couple claims they won’t give up on one another, they have experienced problems in their union as most couples do.

Chip disclosed that he had intended to relocate to Mexico to enroll in a three-month Spanish immersion program while Joanna, his fiancée at the time, ran his enterprises in his 2017 book Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff.

Joanna, however, reportedly gave Chip an ultimatum, saying, “You have three days to get back to Texas or our relationship is over,” after dealing with failed checks and irate workers, according to TODAY.

Chip And Joanna

The couple has dealt with divorce rumors over the years, but they don’t seem very worried about what is being said about them in the gossip columns. Also, read about Ari Emanuel Net Worth

In response to the statement, Chip said, “Things have definitely been challenging, we’re not perfect, we have issues and trials and errors just like anyone, but when you say, ‘throwing in the towel,’ in fairness I would admit it if we had considered that along the way, but relationally, we’re in it forever, this will never be a gossip mag that we don’t make it.”

Jo and I keep turning up day after day, sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s not, but we keep putting one foot in front of the other because we believe that you can’t lose if you don’t give up.

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