Civil Rights Pioneer, 91, Attacked In Boston While Walking Her Dog

Tuesday night, in Boston’s Franklin Park, a 91-year-old civil rights and education champion was attacked while walking her dog and stabbed numerous times.

At about 8:30 p.m., police say, an ambulance was called to Playstead Road in the park, where they found an older woman with what appeared to be stab wounds.

Civil Rights Pioneer, 91, Attacked In Boston While Walking Her Dog
Civil Rights Pioneer, 91, Attacked In Boston While Walking Her Dog

Dr. Jean McGuire, the victim’s sister and a former member of the Boston City Council named Tito Jackson, has been transferred to a local hospital. Her condition is said to be stable.

What was he looking for?” Dog walkers typically don’t have a wallet. We are prepared with identification and waste bags. To be honest, that’s all he’s going to receive. McGuire’s sister told Boston 25 that until he feels the need to “knock up somebody who is helpless,” he won’t be doing any harm.

DA of Suffolk County Kevin Hayden paid a Wednesday afternoon visit to see McGuire in the hospital. Jean McGuire and Hayden’s grandfather, Robert Hayden, worked together at METCO, where Robert served as president.

Mrs. McGuire is as vivacious and feisty as ever; she’ll be fine. To God be the glory! It was Hayden who made the remark. Inspiration and solace come to me whenever I think of the fortitude of pioneering women like her. It makes me happy to hear that she is doing fine.

Jackson wrote on Twitter, “I am extremely pissed off to hear this Boston! Jean McGuire, 91, advocate for education and METCO, was attacked at Franklin Park in the same week that a 14-year-old was killed by a senseless gunman! She risked her life for years to protect our civil liberties, and then some coward stabbed her.

At a press conference, Mayor Michelle Wu remarked, “I’m horrified and angry to know that an elder in our community had to fear for her safety, going about her daily routine, walking her dog.” So, I’d like to express my gratitude to the Boston police, who are conducting a vigorous investigation, and to the emergency personnel who worked so promptly to get the victim to medical attention.

However, no suspects have been apprehended and the investigation continues. Early findings from the police investigation suggested that the suspect may have been hurt in this incident.

She told Boston 25 that McGuire’s dog may have bitten the suspect during the confrontation.

The lantern light experience has been taking place every night at the Franklin Park Zoo from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., which is just near to where the stabbing reportedly took place.

In the 1960s, McGuire was a prominent figure in the movement to secure equitable educational opportunities for people of African descent. She also broke ground by becoming the city’s first Black female School Committee member.

McGuire also led METCO for forty years as its executive director. She is also well-known for her advocacy on behalf of Black educators and the push for increased diversity in education.

METCO president Millie Arbaje-Thomas described the stabbing as “shocking,” because it happened in the neighborhood where Arbaje-Thomas works, lives, and walks regularly.

As part of the Boston Celtics’ 2020 “Heroes Among Us” campaign, which celebrated heroes and community leaders, McGuire was recognized at a home game.

McGuire attended public schools in Brookline throughout her childhood, often being the only person of color in her classes.


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