Cop Fired After Shooting Youngster In Mcdonald’s Parking Lot

On Sunday, an officer with the San Antonio Police Department shot and killed a 17-year-old teenager who was sitting in a car in the McDonald’s parking lot.

According to authorities, the cop who must remain nameless was terminated for failing to comply with “tactics, training, and procedures” after just seven months on the job.

Cop Fired After Shooting Youngster In Mcdonald's Parking Lot
Cop Fired After Shooting Youngster In Mcdonald’s Parking Lot

According to a video statement released by the SAPD, an officer was responding to a disturbance report at a McDonald’s late on a Sunday night when he saw a vehicle he thought had eluded police the day before and immediately asked for assistance.

Police body cam footage shows the officer approaching the driver’s side of the vehicle, opening the door, and directing the driver to exit before other policemen arrive. The teenager, who had been eating in the driver’s seat, was clearly shocked and immediately shifted into reverse and began backing up.

According to the footage, the officer then fired five shots at the vehicle. According to the footage from the officer’s body camera, he fired his weapon five more times as the automobile began to move ahead.

According to the SAPD, the adolescent was discovered a block away with several gunshot wounds. According to authorities, the car’s other passenger walked away unscathed.

On Wednesday, police said the youngster was still hospitalized and facing charges of fleeing detention in a vehicle and assault after an officer reported being hit by the car’s door as the boy backed up.

Defense attorney Brian Powers told CNN that he was informed on Friday by the Bexar County district attorney’s office that his client would not be facing charges. The county’s online court records system confirms that both charges were dropped and the case was closed, as confirmed by a representative for the District Attorney’s Office, who directed CNN there.

Powers stated, “We ask for prayers for [the youngster and his family] as he continues to get care at the hospital for his injuries.”

The San Antonio Police Department has stated that an investigation is underway and that its findings will be shared with the Bexar County District Attorney, who has issued a statement saying that the Civil Rights Division of his office will be looking into the shooting and the charges against the teen.



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