Crack Cocaine Found in Chicago Police Officer’s Squad Car During Bar Incident

CBS 2’s investigation uncovered information from a police report suggesting that, although being off duty at the time, Andrews’ placement of his squad car outside the business gave rise to suspicion. The Chicago Police Department was called after a civilian saw a man in street clothes exit a parked police car and enter the bar.

An officer from the Chicago Police Department approached Andrews and “detected a strong odor of alcohol” and “slurred speech.” According to the report, Andrews admitted to having “had a few drinks.” According to reports, the CPD reportedly found a “clear plastic baggie containing a white residue” on the squad car’s computer.

An “additional clear plastic baggie containing a rock-like substance” was also discovered by police, which is likely to be crack cocaine, according to the report. Another zip lock bag “containing a white powder-like substance” was also found, and this was likely powder cocaine based on the evidence.

The below tweet verifies the news:

The police also discovered a bottle of brandy and an open bottle of vodka. The rifle and Officer Andrews’ personal weapon were also counted. According to the complaint, a sergeant from the department’s Internal Affairs Division responded and took Andrews, who had been with the force since 2012, into custody.

The Chicago Police Department has announced that Officer Andrews’ police powers have been suspended and that his case is currently being investigated by the Bureau of Internal Affairs. He was hit with two counts of felony drug possession and one count of misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession.

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Records from the police department and the OIG show that in 2020, Officer Andrews was recommended to be suspended for 15 days after being found drunk on the job. After being reported by his fellow officers, he was given and failed a breath test at Chicago Public Safety Headquarters.

Whether or if Andrews really served his proposed punishment in 2020 is unknown. On Saturday, Andrews was released from jail on a $10,000 I-bond with permission to report to a rehab facility in Florida.

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