Credit Card Fraud Case in Phoenix Leads to Arrest

A lady was arrested by investigators from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office on several counts of credit card fraud, the Sheriff’s Office reported. After a medical operation on March 15, a 78-year-old woman was told she would need to stay in the hospital for one month.

A lady named Sarah Freitas, 40, who had been hired by the woman to harvest fruit from her trees, was instructed by the woman to retrieve items from her home and deliver them to the hospital. A Sheriff’s Office press release states that the woman provided Freitas the keys to her residence and vehicle.

At least $2,000 was taken from the woman’s account when an unknown person obtained five of her credit cards and used them without her permission, according to a news release issued on April 7. Eleven days later, on April 18, the woman was discharged from the hospital, and Freitas was supposed to pick her up there.

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According to authorities, Freitas did not show up at the hospital to pick up the woman. When she got home, the woman discovered that some of her belongings were missing. She also discovered that some of her valuables, including jewelry, kitchenware, and identification documents, had vanished.

According to the press release, the woman then discovered that her power bills indicated consumption that was twice as high as typical. According to the press release, investigators obtained security footage showing a lady matching Freitas’s description making unauthorized purchases on the victim’s credit card.

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According to the press release, detectives utilized an official database to establish Freitas’ identity before putting him in front of the woman for a photo lineup, where she correctly picked him out. According to the press statement, Freitas was taken into custody and lodged into the Phoenix Sheriff’s Office Intake, Transfer, statement Facility.

When questioned by deputies, Freitas allegedly acknowledged to stealing from the woman’s home, selling some of her jewelry, and making purchases with her credit card numbers. Sheriff’s deputies say they have charged Freitas with 10 counts of credit card fraud, one act of second-degree burglary, four instances of identity theft, and four crimes of theft from an elderly or disabled person.

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