Credit Card Theft And Fraud Charges Against A Cambridge Woman

A Cambridge woman has been accused of stealing credit card information from customers and patients at Your Doc’s In and Walgreens, and she has been charged with multiple counts of credit card fraud and theft.

According to Cambridge police, on November 21, department investigators discovered and detained Jayonna Best, 22, on the basis of an active arrest warrant.

Best was named as a suspect in a credit card theft and fraud investigation that was conducted back in September. Best was in charge of checking patients in and collecting payments at Your Doc’s In, located at 300 Sunburst Highway in Cambridge. Best is suspected of photographing credit cards from clients or patients and utilizing them to make payments online.

According to the police, Best experienced a similar occurrence when working at the Cambridge Walgreens on 640 Sunburst Highway. On September 28, she was taken into custody and charged with 120 charges of fraud and theft.

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Following Best’s initial arrest in September, the Cambridge Police Department issued a news statement requesting that any more victims get in touch with them. Since then, 38 additional victims who had over $80,000 worth of goods or services taken between May 2021 and September 2022 have come forward, according to the police.

According to Cambridge Police, after being detained on November 21, Best appeared in court for the first time and was later released on an unsecured bond. She was accused of 270 counts of various fraud and theft offenses.

The investigation is still underway, according to the Cambridge Police Department, and additional charges are expected soon.

Detectives are currently looking for other victims who used their cards at either Your Doc’s Inn in Cambridge or Walgreens in Cambridge between September 2021 and 2022 and had their bank accounts compromised with fraudulent purchases.

Dial 410-228-3333, ext. 1221 to get in touch with Detective R. Clark if you think you could have been a victim.

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