Deadpool 3: Everything From Cast To Trailer

Superheroic as the Marvel Cinematic Universe already was, it’s about to get even better. Fans have been wondering what will happen to the Deadpool picture series after Disney bought 20th Century Fox in March 2019. This is especially true considering the tremendous financial success of 2016 original and the sequel in 2018.

Fans of comic book heroes need not worry. Deadpool 3, starring Ryan Reynolds as the title character, is set to make its Marvel Cinematic Universe premiere in 2024. Together with Marvel Studios, Reynolds will be reuniting with director Shawn Levy. But who else is joining the fun? And, of course, Hugh Jackman.

Everything we know about Deadpool 3 so far, including Wolverine’s involvement and the movie’s release date.

Deadpool 3 Plot

Even though Deadpool 3’s plot is largely a mystery, we do know that Wolverine will make an appearance. And that has a certain connotation that you’re already aware of. So has Hugh Jackman.

Jackman will have more than a cameo in the third film, according to insiders who spoke to PEOPLE, though the exact nature of his participation has yet to be determined.

In a clever Instagram Reel from September 2022, Jackman and Reynolds hinted to Wolverine’s role in the picture. However, as Jackman tried to explain the narrative, he was interrupted by Wham”Wake !’s Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

However, in typical Marvel form, there will be plenty of exciting moments. To PEOPLE in October of 2022, Jackman confirmed this, adding, “I’ll probably have more fun on this movie than any other I’ve ever done.”

“I believe working with [Ryan] every day, with those two filming together in every city… Jackman said, “I think it’s safe to say they’ll be punching the s—- out of each other the whole time.”

The actor discussed the subject once more in January 2022, saying that the picture, which takes place before the events of 2017’s Logan, will provide a new opportunity for his character.

“There’s a dynamic that I’ve never really gotten to do as Wolverine before when I think of Ryan and me as Deadpool and Wolverine, who are classic comic-book adversaries. To put it simply, I thought, “This is going to be fun.” An absolutely new experience for me. I’m really excited!'”

Deadpool 3 Cast

Reynolds is set to reprise his role as Deadpool, the witty alter ego of mercenary Wade Wilson. A full cast announcement has not yet been made, but Reynold has dropped hints that Leslie Uggams, who plays Deadpool’s elderly yet feisty roommate Blind Al, will be back.

Their on-screen love-hate relationship has led to conjecture about their friendship off-screen, where she may get revenge.

Deadpool 3Source: People

When Uggams congratulated Reynolds, her Deadpool co-star, on The Adam Project’s March 2022 Netflix success, Reynolds gave a cryptic response.

Through Twitter, he expressed his gratitude, writing, “Thank you, Leslie. This a subtle reference to Deadpool’s blades, Bea and Arthur, who was accompanied by the message “See you soon” and three sword emojis.

How Soon Can We Expect Deadpool 3?

Fans have hypothesized that the film would take place before the events of the 2017 film Logan because Wolverine truly dies in that film.

Reynolds has assured fans that “Logan takes place in 2029,” despite the fact that the actual release date has not been announced. A death has occurred in Logan. The actor stated categorically in a video that he would not be attempting to do so.

Who Is Directing Deadpool 3?

With David Leitch unable to return for the third installment due to scheduling conflicts, the director’s chair will be taken by Shawn Levy. Levy has never directed a film before, but this isn’t the first time he’s worked with the superhero icon.

Reynolds and Levy’s collaborations in 20th Century Fox’s Free Guy and Netflix’s The Adam Project are unforgettable. In other words, Deadpool 3 will be the cherry on top of a successful trilogy for the outstanding cast and crew.

Who Is Writing Deadpool 3?

After Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin left Bob’s Burgers, the script was taken up by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who also worked on the first two Deadpool movies.

Is There A Deadpool 3 Trailer?

We still haven’t seen a Deadpool 3 trailer from the studio.

Despite this, Reynolds has been actively promoting the film on social media by posting humorous videos, such as a mock interview he had with Jackman.

When Will Deadpool 3 Premiere?

Though not much is known about Deadpool 3, a release date has been confirmed. The release of Deadpool 3, the first film of the MCU’s sixth phase, is scheduled for September 6, 2024.

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