Death Of Princeton Student Withheld From Family

The family of a 20-year-old Princeton student whose body was discovered six days after she went missing claims they have been denied access to key information concerning their loved one’s abduction.

Last week, Misrach Ewunetie’s relatives spoke out against being “kept in the dark” about her case by officials, telling many media sites their dissatisfaction.

Death Of Princeton Student Withheld From Family
Death Of Princeton Student Withheld From Family

Her brother, Universe Ewunetie, told CNN the week before her death was discovered, “there’s no regular update or contact with us.” This level of secrecy is unprecedented.

According to her brother, the police have estimated that the investigation into the matter would take a long period.

The one thing we don’t have is time,” he remarked.

Authorities from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office claimed that a facilities worker discovered Ewunetie’s corpse behind the tennis courts at the border of the Ivy League campus at approximately 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Her official cause of death is still unknown, however authorities have said that “there were no evident symptoms of harm and her death does not look suspicious or criminal in character.”

Casey DeBlasio, the spokesperson for the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, said that the medical examiner’s office is still waiting on the toxicology report and other test findings after the autopsy done on Friday.

After the bright student vanished on October 14, a search was launched throughout the state. When she failed to show up on Saturday for a naturalization meeting, her Ethiopian-American relatives in Ohio grew quite worried.

Having spent the previous evening helping out at a Princeton Terrace Club function, Ewunetie returned to her Scully Hall residence at approximately 3 a.m.

Ewuenetie was last seen by a roommate at 4:30 a.m., when she was cleaning her teeth and heading to her bed, but she was nowhere to be found.

Her brother informed ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Ewunetie was unusually distant from college since her phone had last rung at a housing complex around 30 minutes from her dorm at about 3 a.m.

He said, “It’s quite a ways off.” In addition, Princeton has a large campus and is known for its isolation, thus the fact that her phone was located outside of the university was rather unusual. You can do anything you want on campus.

Ewunetie’s LinkedIn page indicated she was studying sociology with a diploma in the “Applications of Computing.”

Her profile reads, “I want to contribute to the business world via creative problem solving and data analysis abilities that I am developing at Princeton.” Her anticipated Princeton University graduation date was set for the year 2024.


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