Deputies: 2-year-old Starved To Death Following Father’s Heart Attack At Home

Deputies have announced that the case involving the murders of a father and his 2-year-old boy in their Geneva flat has been solved.

According to a press statement from the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office, on February 15, 2022, 59-year-old David Conde Sr. and his 2-year-old son David Conde Jr. were discovered dead in their apartment on Hamilton Street in Geneva.

Deputies: 2-year-old Starved To Death Following Father's Heart Attack At Home
Deputies: 2-year-old Starved To Death Following Father’s Heart Attack At Home

Reports at the time said that authorities had found no traces of trauma on the corpses, but were unable to ascertain a clear cause of death.

Deputies stated on Monday that Conde Sr. passed away from cardiovascular illness.

The deputy added that Conde Jr., who was just 2, starved to death after Conde Sr. passed away.

Deputies speculated in a press statement that the child’s death was caused by a lack of sustenance following Mr. Conde’s death.

Sheriff’s officers informed reporters that they were sent to the flat to do a welfare check after a week had passed since the last time they had seen the father and boy alive.

Lt. Joe Murphy said Tuesday that the father and son had been located in the apartment’s bedroom.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle’s reporting, authorities have confirmed that Conde Sr. has had custody of the boy since soon after his birth. According to the main investigator, the mother did not seem to be in touch with the youngster.

His obituary portrays Conde Jr. as a “determined grin and charming temperament” youngster with curly hair.

According to the obituary, the youngster had just recently learnt to walk after enduring months of casts and therapy.

On Monday, deputies announced that they had formally ended the inquiry into their deaths.


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