DNA Connects Two Men To A Home Robbery In Clovis, Police Say

According to the Clovis Police Department, two males have been taken into custody after DNA evidence connected them to a home burglary that occurred one month ago.

Demetrius Martin, age 25, of Fresno, and Kassey Martin, age 23, of Hemet, were both detained in connection to a house invasion that occurred in early October at Fowler and Alluvial avenues, according to the announcements made by the authorities.

According to the authorities, the suspects cut themselves while attempting to break through the glass of a sliding door during the burglary, and as a result, they left blood inside the home.

Officers reported that the DNA findings from the blood matched one of the suspects, who was known to have a history of committing home burglaries in southern California. The blood was tested, and the officers indicated that the results matched the suspect’s DNA.

On Thursday morning, authorities executed a search warrant at a residence in Fresno and reported finding two stolen firearms, a safe, designer purses, and jewelry at the residence.

Both Demetrius and Kassey were taken into custody and charged with multiple charges including domestic burglary, conspiracy, possession of stolen firearms, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Detectives are still looking for any further victims or suspects in the area around Clovis and southern California as the investigation is still underway.

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