Dozens Of Children Dead In Thailand Daycare Atrocity

It is thought to be the bloodiest occurrence of its sort in Thailand’s history, a massacre at a child care facility in the country’s northeastern region on Thursday left at least 36 people dead, including at least 24 children.

The suspect was quickly the subject of a search, and the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Thailand eventually identified him as Panya Kamrab, a former policeman aged 34. Thai Royal Police said he was taken off active service earlier this year due to drug possession accusations.

Panya is suspected of killing scores of people, including his wife and stepson, before killing himself.

Police said his 2-year-old stepson attended the daycare he targeted on Thursday, but was not there at the time of the crime.

(Panya) went searching for his little kid, age 2, but found that he had disappeared. Police spokesman Maj. Gen. Paisan Luesomboon told CNN that the suspect “began shooting and stabbing individuals at the nursery.”

Then, Panya “managed to slip into a room where 24 youngsters were sleeping together,” killing 23 of them and leaving just one survivor.

According to Paisan, “he used a knife to attack both children and workers at the facility.”

Narrative from an Eyewitness
A instructor at the facility told local media that the assailant entered the building at lunchtime, while two other employees were eating their lunch.

I thought I heard firecrackers go off all of a sudden. When the instructor turned around, she saw the two staffs lying on the ground.

Next, he removed a second weapon from his waistband and…

They said, “I didn’t think he would murder the kids, too.

The witness reportedly said that the assailant had a second firearm and a knife, using the latter to fatally stab another instructor who was eight months along in her pregnancy.

A witness told Reuters she thought the attacker was on his way to pick up his kid. “He didn’t say anything” and “shot at the door when the children were asleep,” she claimed of his arrival to the institution.

According to Paisan’s interview with CNN, “stabbing wounds” accounted for the majority of the fatalities.

Reuters also spoke with a teacher who said the perpetrator had mostly used a knife.

Everything happened so quickly. There was a knife involved, and he didn’t switch to the pistol until he’d slashed his way through the room. All of it is done with a knife,” she said.

According to Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas, the perpetrator “primarily used a knife” to murder the children.

Damrongsak added, “He went out and began shooting or stabbing anybody he came across till he arrived home.” When we finally broke in, we discovered that he had committed himself.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha issued a statement in which he condemned the “terrible” killing and offered his sympathies to the victims’ families, saying that it had taken place at the Child Development Center in the Uthaisawan Na Klang district of Nong Bua Lamphu province.

The province is around 540 kilometers (335 miles) northeast of Bangkok, and it is generally a tranquil and serene place.

A statement from Prayut’s office says the prime minister will visit the province on Friday to meet with victims’ loved ones.



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