Elizabeth Holmes Has Gotten Pregnant Twice Throughout Her Lawsuit Proceedings

According to the Associated Press, the disgraced health tech firm Theranos’ founder received a sentence of more than 11 years in jail after being found guilty on four counts of conspiring to deceive investors and using her blood-testing technology to do so.

Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, her ex-boyfriend and former business partner, recently received a three-week postponement in sentencing while authorities try to determine his punishment, according to the Associated Press.

Elizabeth might have received a sentence of 20 years in prison, however, prosecutors are likely to settle for a 15-year term. However, observers of the trial have picked up on something that might have changed the sentence she received: The former CEO, 38, appears to be visibly expecting her second kid; so, this is her second pregnancy while a court proceeding is ongoing.

According to a tweet from NBC reporter Scott Budman, the court informed her that she could remain seated for the proceedings as she awaited the decision.

Additionally, according to court documents obtained by The New York Times, Elizabeth “became pregnant with her second child since her conviction.”

So…yep. Holmes appears to be expecting her second child very soon. What is known thus far about Elizabeth Holmes’ children is included below.

In 2019, Elizabeth and 29-year-old hospitality heir Billy Evans were married. Former coworkers claimed that Billy had been interested in Elizabeth for some time before making a significant proposal to her using his MIT signet ring. “The MIT ring and Billy go hand in hand. One of Billy’s former coworkers at Luminar Technologies told the New York Post that he always wore it on his pinky finger.

According to Elle, the two connected at a party in 2017, just before Theranos was shut down. According to Us Weekly, they were married in a private ceremony two years later. Throughout Elizabeth’s legal battle, he remained at her side.

In March 2021, she made her first pregnancy public.

According to CNBC, Elizabeth’s criminal fraud trial was postponed to the end of August after she announced she was having her first child (the trial had already been postponed three times during COVID). Her unexpected July due date “frustrated” the prosecution, and some people speculate that she may have become pregnant to try to secure a lower sentence.

In truth, Elizabeth might become pregnant, as reported by journalist Nick Bilton in an episode of his podcast Inside the Hive. According to Elle, he predicted that Holmes would become pregnant before testifying since she would appear sympathetically pregnant.

Naturally, the legal processes were disrupted when she announced her pregnancy.

According to court documents acquired by CNN, “The parties have met and conferred, and both parties agree that, in light of this change, it is not viable to begin the trial on July 13, 2021, as currently scheduled.” The parties “stipulate and agree, and respectfully request that the Court order, that the trial commences with jury selection on August 31, 2021, in light of Defendant’s pregnancy.”

Just before her criminal trial, she gave birth to her first child.

William, Elizabeth’s son, was born on July 10, 2021, according to ABC News. On August 31, her criminal trial commenced. According to ABC, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila stated that there would be a quiet place for Elizabeth to watch William during trial breaks during a preliminary hearing in June.

There is little information available on William other than the fact of his birth.

In October 2022, she once more showed signs of pregnancy.
Elizabeth had a fairly pronounced baby bump when she appeared in court last month. Notable: She wore the exact same ensemble to court last year while she was expecting William, right down to the gray blazer.

According to the New York Post, former biotech employee Anne Kopf-Sill tweeted that Elizabeth appeared to be between five and seven months along. Once more, people are speculating as to whether Elizabeth’s decision to become pregnant again was influenced by her desire for the jury to be more forgiving.

Kopf-Sill told KRON4: “I think she is hoping to get a lighter sentence.” “Everyone feels bad for kids who have to go through childhood without both parents. Despite their possible lack of sympathy for Elizabeth, they still have the desire to take action on behalf of defenseless children.

On Friday, November 18, the ultimate decision is anticipated to be made.

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