Elon Musk Starts To Change The Way Twitter’s Product Management Is Run

Elon Musk, who just acquired Twitter for $44 billion, is said to have met with friends and advisers over the weekend to discuss plans for revamping the site.

People familiar with Twitter who did not want to be named said that top product executives are unlikely to continue at the firm as long as Musk is CEO. As part of his plan to reorganize the firm, the new owner would most likely get go of Nick Caldwell, Twitter’s head of engineering, and Jay Sullivan, the general manager of Twitter’s consumer and revenue products. Caldwell added “former” to his public Twitter profile while Sullivan removed it totally.

Elon Musk Starts To Change The Way Twitter's Product Management Is Run
Elon Musk Starts To Change The Way Twitter’s Product Management Is Run

When reached for comment, Musk, Caldwell, and Sullivan all went silent. Twitter did not want to talk about it.

It is unclear who will succeed Musk as Twitter’s CEO, but in his early days in charge, Musk has reached out to trusted acquaintances for guidance. A PayPal acquaintance named David Sacks, investor and buddy Jason Calacanis, and Sriram Krishnan, a former Twitter employee and current general partner at the venture firm Andreessen Horowitz, have all been frequent attendees at his meetings.

Nobody knows who among them will be Twitter’s permanent bosses, but they have been talking about the company’s product plan. On Sunday, Krishnan tweeted that he is still “very much in my day job” at Andreessen Horowitz, and the company’s internal directory has Twitter email accounts for both Calacanis and Sacks.

Three sources say that Musk is considering hiring back Twitter’s recently sacked head of product, Kayvon Beykpour. Beykpour was let go in May. Beykpour’s eventual comeback is up in the air.

Following Musk’s takeover, a number of changes are expected at Twitter, one of which is new product leadership.

According to Bloomberg, many high-ranking executives, including CEO Parag Agrawal, have been let go, and Musk has assumed the role of acting CEO. Sarah Personette, the chief customer officer, reported on Monday night that her company had terminated her access to Twitter at work after she announced her resignation on Friday. Some managers spent the weekend collecting names of staff to go, and employees are expecting more widespread layoffs as early as this week.

One of the most significant web platforms in the world is in the hands of anyone Musk chooses to lead product. Musk has pledged significant changes at Twitter, such as an increased emphasis on subscriptions, less limitations on content, and the potential of numerous algorithms for different timelines. According to Platformer, he’s also contemplating charging users for blue verification badges.


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