Five States Competing to Hate Trans People

Florida might be at the top of the risk list for people who aren’t white, straight, and cisgender, but there are a lot of other states that are always trying to beat it.

Independent journalist Erin Reed joins this week’s episode of The New Abnormal to talk about the anti-LGBTQ+ trend that is sweeping red states and to give her opinion on which ones are the worst for both residents and tourists.

“Florida ranks very high for me,” said Reed, who writes the Substack email Erin in the Morning, where she tracks anti-LGBTQ+ laws around the world, among other things.

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Florida, Missouri, and Texas Competing

But it goes further than Florida. States like Tennessee, Missouri, Montana, and Texas are all trying to top each other after one “does something really harsh.”

Reed said, “The next few years will be hard, but I think things will get better.” “I don’t think Republicans will stop doing what they’re doing, and as long as they control some state legislatures, I think bad things will happen in those states.” Reed tells followers not to give up, even though this is the case: “There is a movement in the culture of people who are willing to stand up for trans people in their communities,” she said.

Then, Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the Florida sheriff who is fighting hard against neo-Nazis, talks about the time when he stopped being racist and hateful.

“You need to go back to Charlottesville, I think. When there was a fight in Charlottesville, the US President, Donald Trump, said that there were good people on both sides. That was a nod and a wink too extreme, telling it that it was okay. And this is never okay.

“Letting these fringe extremes slowly eat away at the center of the country is destroying the social fabric of our country.”

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