Florida’s New Immigration Law Invalidates These 5 State Driver’s Licenses

A new immigration statute in Florida renders invalid driver’s licenses from five other states. The new immigration law, approved by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and taking effect on July 1, includes a crackdown on out-of-state licenses.

The measure makes it illegal to provide a driver’s license to anyone who cannot prove legal status in the United States and makes it clear that licenses from other states that have been issued solely to undocumented immigrants are not valid in Florida.

Anyone stopped for traffic violations who cannot produce a valid license will be issued a penalty for driving without a license. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has released a list of license categories from other states that are not valid in Florida.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Those things are:

A “Not For Federal Identification” stamp on a Connecticut driver’s license.

A “Driving Privilege Only” or “Not Valid for Identification” endorsement on a Delaware driver’s license is invalidating.

Licenses issued in the State of Hawaii that read “Not Valid for use for official Federal purposes,” “Limited Purpose Driver’s License,” “Limited Purpose Instruction Permit,” or “Limited Purpose Provisional Driver’s License” are not valid for driving in the United States.

Licenses issued in the Ocean State that read “Not for Federal Identification” or “Driver Privilege Card” or “Driver Privilege Permit”

Licenses issued in the State of Vermont that bear the legends “Not for REAL ID Purposes Driver’s Privilege Card,” “Not for REAL ID Purposes Junior Driver’s Privilege Card,” or “Not for REAL ID Purposes Learner’s Privilege Card”

SB 1718 mandates that private enterprises with over 25 employees use the federal government’s electronic employment eligibility verification system, E-Verify.

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