Four People Were Discovered Dead At An Oklahoma Marijuana Plant

Authorities have stated that they found the bodies of four people who had been murdered at a marijuana farm in Oklahoma, but the culprit is still at large.

According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office was initially called to the marijuana grow farm on November 20 near Hennessey for a “report of a hostage scenario.”

The farm was located in Kingfisher County. The victims included four people who had been murdered and one person who had been injured when the deputies arrived.

During a news briefing that was webcast by the Enid News & Eagle, Capt. Stan Florence stated that the victim who was injured was airlifted to a hospital in Oklahoma City, where it is unknown what their current condition is.

Florence has stated that there are male and female victims, but she has not provided any other identifying information. According to KOCO’s reporting, the victims “live and work on the farm grounds.”

According to statements made by Kingfisher County Sheriff Dennis Banther to the Kingfisher Times & Free Press, all of them perished “from apparent gunshot wounds.”

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Florence said that the authorities had identified a suspect as of Monday and that they were continuing their search.

Florence stated that the suspect was familiar with the victims; however, it is unknown whether or not they are linked or whether they worked together.

The male suspect, who is believed to have fled the area, was the subject of an arrest warrant that was issued on Monday, according to the Times & Free Press.

“At this point, we’re still in the planning stages. On Monday, Florence stated that there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this situation.

KOCO was informed by the authorities that the 10-acre marijuana plantation in question was in possession of a valid license.

Hennessey is located around 110 kilometers to the north of Oklahoma City.

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