Friendliest Dude You Could Ever Meet; Mourners Gather In Springfield After A Company Owner Was Shot And Murdered

Friendliest Dude You Could Ever Meet; Mourners Gather In Springfield After A Company Owner Was Shot And Murdered: The loss of a business owner who was shot and died Thursday night is being lamented by the Springfield community.

On Saturday night, the neighborhood paid homage to Thomas A. Gill.

According to Brandon Lewis of News Center 7, individuals have left candles and balloons on the front door of Gill’s Quality Meat Market in the 1500 block of Selma Road and have expressed how much Gill means to the community.

The president of the NAACP in Springfield, Denise Williams, stated, “It’s a sad, sad, awful moment to lose someone like him. The friendliest dude you will ever, ever meet.

Tom Gill, may you rest in peace. The memorial for him is expanding, and this message is a part of it.

According to the store’s website, he had owned Gill’s Quality Meat Market since 1998.

Williams told Lewis, “I’ve only been in there a couple of times, but each time, I’ve been in there, you know, he was always polite.

Springfield Police announced at a news conference on Friday that Gill was discovered by officers on Thursday with a gunshot wound to the neck. At Springfield Regional Medical Center, medical professionals declared him dead.

The Springfield Police Chief, Allison Elliott, stated, “This touches home.” “Everyone in our community is hurting, family members are grieving, and our community is grieving whenever our community is dealing with a crisis like this.”

Williams remarked that it was difficult for Lewis to comprehend what was happening to such a revered business owner.

She declared, “I’m going to speak for myself. “I have never heard anyone criticize Mr. Gill or his business in any way. I’m trying to convince you that it makes no sense for this to happen. He wouldn’t harm a fly, after all.

On its front entrance, Gill’s advertises that the business is now closed but may reopen on January 10.

Williams stated, “I believe the only thing that we need to do at this point is to pray for the family. “My thoughts are with the family. We need to wrap our arms around them tightly.

If you have any information that could aid Springfield Police in their investigation, they ask that you get in touch with them.

During the news conference on Friday, the police gave no information regarding the shooting’s circumstances or a possible suspect.

At Gill’s Market, a vigil for Thomas Gill will be held on Monday at 5 o’clock.

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