Tragedy Strikes on Wedding Night: Bride K!lled in Golf Cart Cr@sh, Grieving Groom Files Wrongful De@th Lawsuit!

A man who lost his new wife in a golf cart acc!dent has filed a wrongful de@th complaint against the driver of the automobile that hit their vehicle, as well as many South Carolina restaurants and bars. According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, 34-year-old Samantha Miller was k!lled when a car collided with the golf cart in which she was traveling after her wedding.

According to eyewitnesses, the golf cart was hurled more than 100 yards and rolled multiple times after the contact. Aric Hutchinson, her husband, was also seriously hurt in the collision and spent many days in the hospital. wo additional wedding party members were hurt as well.

Only hours after their wedding, Hutchinson and Miller were k!lled in a car cr@sh. The incident led to charges of DUI causing serious bodily injury/de@th and reckless homicide for 25-year-old Jamie Lee Komoroski.

Groom Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Groom Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Recent Lawsuit Filing

It is claimed in a recently filed complaint that Komoroski had a  “booze-filled day of bar hopping,” during which the various venues she frequented were obligated to “exercise due care” in serving alcoholic beverages.

Snapper Jacks, The Drop in Bar and Deli, The Crab Shack, Taco Boy, El Gallo Bar and Grill, and Bottle Cap Holdings, LLC are all named in the case as well as Komoroski. According to the court filings, Komoroski began his drinking binge at El Gallo Bar and Grill before moving on to several bars on Center Street in Folly Beach.

It is claimed in the lawsuit that the businesses at issue “should have known that they had the authority and obligation to train, control, and supervise their respective employees, agents, or servants, including any bartenders, servers, or any other employee” to prevent the overserving of alc*hol and the subsequent risk of serious injury or de@th to others.

The lawsuit claims that Komoroski worked at Taco Boy for a limited amount of time. The lawsuit alleges the restaurant was negligent by “organizing, arranging, and supervising an employee function/meeting knowing that excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages would be purchased for, served to, and/or consumed by the employees attending the function/meeting.”

Authorities Release the BAC of the Accused Driver

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s toxicology report says that Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was 0.261% following the golf cart accident on Folly Beach on April 28. This is more than three times the legal limit in South Carolina.

The Folly Beach Police Department also included a revised incident report in its shipment with the results of the toxicological analysis. After the collision, police asked Komoroski what happened, and she said, I was driving, and then all of the sudden something hit me, as recorded in the report.

Several other witnesses included in the article state that they too saw Komoroski “dazed and confused.” The report states that while at the site, she repeatedly asked for her lover and assured witnesses that she was on her way home.

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According to eyewitnesses, Komoroski began yelling and demanding answers once she spotted the victims lying on the ground. Officers reportedly detected a strong whiff of alcohol on her breath. “I asked Jamie if she had anything to drink, and she stated that she had one beer and a drink with tequila about an hour ago,” the affidavit states.

“I then ask on a scale from 1 being completely sober and 10 being the most impaired, she stated she was an eight.” According to the Folly Beach Police Department, Komoroski got combative and adamantly refused to take a field sobriety test. According to the affidavit, the suspect was so unbalanced when she first stood up that an officer had to support her. has all the latest news and in-depth articles to keep you ahead of the curve.

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