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Due To His Guilty Plea In The YSL Gang Case, Gunna Was Just Released From Jail

Gunna Was Just Released From Jail

Gunna Was Just Released From Jail

Gunna Was Just Released From Jail: After accepting responsibility for violating the RICO Act in the significant YSL gang case, Gunna will be allowed to leave prison.

The rapper, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, gave an explanation of his plea in a statement provided by his attorneys. Kitchens declared in it that he was entering into an “Alford plea,” also known as a “best-interest plea,” in which the defendant maintains their innocence while agreeing to a plea and the consequences of a guilty finding.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Kitchens received a five-year prison term with one year being commuted to time served. Even though the remaining four years have been delayed, they are still subject to additional requirements, such as performing 500 hours of community service.

Despite accepting the plea agreement, Kitchens also stated that he would not be continuing to work with the prosecution.

“While I have agreed to always be truthful, I want to make it absolutely clear that I have not made any statements, have not been interviewed, have not cooperated, have not agreed to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the case, and have absolutely NO intention of being involved in the trial process in any way,” he said.

When asked for comment, a representative of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office did not immediately get back to Rolling Stone.

Along with Young Thug, another rapper, Kitchens was one of 28 people detained in May as part of a broad RICO Act indictment. Attorneys have made an effort to portray Kitchens and Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Williams) as the bosses of an Atlanta-based YSL (Young Slime Life) street gang.

Williams was also slammed with six additional gun and drug counts in addition to the RICO Act conspiracy accusation brought against Kitchens (Williams has pleaded not guilty). Unexpectedly, the lyrics of Kitchens and Williams were used as evidence against them in the indictment.

YSL became a part of Kitchens’ life in 2016, although he claimed in his plea statement that he “did not consider it a gang; more of a collection of people from metro Atlanta who shared common interests and artistic objectives.” “My focus of YSL was entertainment,” he continued, “rap musicians that composed and performed music that exaggerated and “glorified” urban life in the Black community.”

Kitchens added, “I love and cherish my relationship with YSL music, and always will,” after explaining why he chose to take the Alford plea. I see this as an opportunity to give back to my neighborhood and teach children and young adults that “gangs” and violence only bring about disaster.

On January 9, 2023, the YSL trial is set to start.

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