Hackers Release LAUSD Data After Ransom Demand Denied

After the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) declined to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers who breached its systems in early September, the hackers made public the private information they had been holding hostage.

Hackers Release Lausd Data After Ransom Demand Denied
Hackers Release Lausd Data After Ransom Demand Denied

Sunday, the district announced that a “criminal organization” had leaked the stolen information. According to the Los Angeles Times, LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho refused to pay the ransom, prompting the hackers to disclose the data early.

What Carvalho told The Times is that “the demand – any demand” would be ridiculous. “This was an insultingly high standard to set. And we have no intention of negotiating with such a party.”

On Friday, the school board reaffirmed its commitment to using taxpayer money only for “funding children and education,” rather than “capitulating to a malicious and unlawful crime enterprise.”

Early in September, LAUSD discovered the ransomware attack, which it called a “major disruption to our system’s architecture.”

It’s still unclear how far-reaching this leak actually is. On Friday, the district said that it was cooperating with both state and federal authorities.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has announced that beginning on Monday, a hotline will be available for anybody in the district’s school communities with questions or who requires further support.

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