Hilary Farr Net Worth: Is Hilary A Real Designer?

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Hilary Farr Early Life

On August 31, 1952, Hilary Farr Labow entered this world. She was born in Toronto, Ontario. She and her family moved to London when she was a young girl, and it was there that she discovered a passion for the theatre while helping her mother with the housework.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in interior design from Ryerson University, Farr moved to Los Angeles. After moving to Los Angeles, she began her acting career.

Hilary Farr Career

Since relocating to the LA area, Hilary Farr has renovated and sold multiple homes she has purchased. She augmented her income by working as a decorator on movie and TV sets.

Since 1972, Farr has portrayed Hilary Labow in a number of films. These include Layout for 5 Models (1972), Sex Farm (1973), Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (1973), Legend of the Werewolf (1975), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), City on Fire (1979), and The Return (1979). (1980).

She also had a singing part in the London production of Grease in 1973. In the early 1980s, she appeared in a few comedic guest spots on television.

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Australia, the United Kingdom, California, New York, and Toronto are just a few of the places where Farr has built or renovated homes. In Chicago, her clientele has included Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Hudson.

She moved to Toronto in 2008 after her divorce. The W Network, Big Coat Productions, and Corus Entertainment signed her as a co-host of Love It or List It with David Visentin. The show aired on HGTV and the W Network. The episode aired with a Spanish-English dub on Divinity in Spain.

Farr also served as a judge for the 2010 Search for the Next W Expert on the W Network. When the Canadian International Interior Design Show visited Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver in 2011, she was there as a special guest.

Together with CNN and USA Today columnist and writer Amy Tara Koch, Farr spoke as a design expert at the 2014 Art Van Furniture convention in Orland Park and Chicago, Illinois.

In 2016, at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre, Farr portrayed Maleficent in Ross Petty’s stage adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. (Usually called Maleficent, the character was renamed “Malignicent” for this performance.)

When it comes to her side hustles, Farr is the president of Hilary Farr Designs. The line, which is inspired by Hilary’s travels, reportedly includes furniture, carpets, beds, lighting, and more with designs featuring exotic animals, forests, and even Icelandic glaciers.

She is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and has been a guest on The Marilyn Denis Show. She also runs the Rules of Renovation real estate investment seminar, which she co-founded.

Hilary Farr Personal Life

Hilary Farr Personal Life

Farr has a son with her ex-husband, the writer, and producer Gordon Farr, whom she divorced in 2008. The same year, she reportedly started dating David Visentin, her co-host on “Love It or List It,” though neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship.

Land and Buildings

A native Canadian, Farr now makes her home in a stunning mansion in her birth country. She moved out in 1996, but she has kept many of the house’s original features and charm intact.

In addition to his mansion, Farr owns a $ 2,446,146 two-story cottage in Toronto’s Deer Park. Her son Josh, who grew up in the house she shared with ex-husband Gordon Farr in Toronto, is known for hosting large gatherings of friends and family.

Since Farr must frequently travel for business, coming home to her spacious and beautiful yard is always a welcome relief.

Hilary Farr Net Worth

Hilary Farr net worth is around $8 million. Farr is one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Canada, and her successful career has afforded her the opportunity to live lavishly and travel in the finest vehicles money can buy. Her annual income is $500,000, and her fee ranges from $30,000 to $50,000.

As a kid, she wanted to be a ballerina, but later she discovered her true calling was in the arts and design. Hilary’s interest in performing began in elementary school, and she soon became an active member of the school’s drama club.

Her mother’s job at “Liberties of London” exposed her to the historic and aesthetically pleasing buildings of the United Kingdom, which ultimately led to her decision to enter the field of interior design.

She has amassed her entire fortune from her current business, Hillary Farr’s Designs, an interior design firm. She’s become wealthy thanks in part to her job at HGTV.

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