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Hollywood Teen Overdoses, Other Overdoses Investigated

Hollywood Teen Overdoses, Other Overdoses Investigated

Hollywood Teen Overdoses, Other Overdoses Investigated

Police in Hollywood are looking into numerous overdose deaths, including one of a 15-year-old girl who was found dead in a school bathroom.

The four minors involved in the overdose case took what they thought were Percocet pills, but authorities suspect were tainted with fentanyl.

On Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock, a father in Los Angeles reported his stepdaughter missing. A probable overdose led him to Bernstein High, where he discovered her in the school’s courtyard.

The girl’s condition was stable enough to be sent to the hospital. She informed her stepfather of the other girl’s presence in the school restroom just before they were whisked away. When police came, they discovered the other girl motionless in the bathroom, despite the man’s call to 911. She passed away afterward.

Less than a mile from campus, near Lexington Park, is where investigators think the victims bought the tablets. Two other overdoses were reported to the Los Angeles Fire Department earlier that day at the park.

An age for one of the minors was given simply as 17. It was unclear how old the fourth victim was or what condition they were in.

The Los Angeles Police Department has reported an increase in drug overdoses and stated that they will be conducting an investigation to identify the drug dealer responsible. On Wednesday, there will be extra police in the park.

“The upbringing of every child is, in my opinion, everyone’s responsibility. So, we should all have conversations with our kids and encourage our schools to do the same. Collectively, we must raise public awareness about the severity of this poison’s threat “according to Lt. John Radtke.

The Los Angeles Unified School District issued a statement confirming the teen’s enrollment at the school where he was killed. The district has announced that classes will be held as usual on Wednesday and that counselors will be available for children and staff members who are experiencing emotional distress.

Our prayers are with the family and friends of both children as we work with LAPD to learn more about this awful circumstance, the statement said.

It is routine practice for drug dealers, according to authorities, to add fentanyl to pills.

“Everybody in the country is aware of this nationwide epidemic. This cannot stand “Commissioner Alberto Carvalho of the Los Angeles Unified School District remarked. “It is intolerable under any circumstances, but when it affects the kids of our community, it becomes completely intolerable. Neither justification nor tolerance can be found for such.”

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