Hoover Cop Shot Noon; Suspect Arrested After Hours-long Standoff

On Sunday about noon, a Hoover police officer was shot; hours later, the offender was apprehended.

At 11:25 a.m., a driver on Interstate 459 reported to authorities that bullets had been fired into his car. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Hoover Cop Shot Noon; Suspect Arrested After Hours-long Standoff
Hoover Cop Shot Noon; Suspect Arrested After Hours-long Standoff

After receiving a description of the car, police were able to locate it swiftly.

The car drove off the freeway and into the parking lot of The Hills at Hoover, an apartment complex on Lorna Road.

After cops were surrounded, the suspect opened fire. Lt. Daniel Lowe of the Hoover Police Department claimed that officers fired back, however it is unclear whether or not the subject was hit by police gunfire.

At least eight or nine bullets were heard by neighbors.

Next, the suspect is alleged to have hidden out in an apartment in the 3600 Building. According to Lowe, law enforcement officials are now attempting to talk with the suspect. He did not specify whether or not the guy reacted to the efforts at dialogue, but police said they had him in custody by 3:41.

According to Lowe, the unnamed suspect left the flat on his own own. His non-life-threatening wound from a gunshot to the arm is being treated at a hospital with which he wishes to remain anonymous.

The cop was taken to UAB Hospital under police custody. His wounds are not thought to be fatal. When he fled the scene and got to the hospital, he was reportedly conscious and in good shape.

Several of the officer’s friends reported on social media that he had been shot in the arm and bulletproof vest. According to Lowe, he took gunfire to both arms.

The police officer was freed from the hospital.

Several agencies from Jefferson and Shelby counties, as well as the U.S. Marshals, sent their most capable tactical officers to the area. In the vicinity, at Aldridge Gardens, a staging area for police enforcement had been established.

To keep the public and media away, the police set up a huge perimeter. There were reports of an evacuation just before 2:00 p.m. Others were advised to stay in their apartments while those who were evacuated were taken to the leasing office. After the suspect’s capture, the warrant was recalled.

Lorna Road was closed off and police were stationed at every entrance to the property.

It was a “apprehensive” circumstance, and Lowe appreciates the help from all the many organizations and the calmness of the condo inhabitants.

Due to the use of force by Hoover police, the investigation has been transferred to the State Bureau of Investigation.

I have met with the cop and his loved ones at UAB Hospital. In a prepared statement, Mayor Frank Brocato stated, “I am glad and relieved that our officer’s injuries do not seem to be significant.” We should all count our blessings that no one was killed in today’s shooting, which “is reflective of the issues that law enforcement personnel confront everyday in our communities.”


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