Horrifying Google Street View picture displays ‘cartel’ members surrounding car

On Google Street View, people have reported encountering what seems to be Mexican cartel members dressed in eerie masks, and it’s one of the most horrific things we could imagine seeing on the road.

Four guys are seen standing on a road in Moctezuma, located in the state of Sonora. Their faces are concealed by their clothing. One is dressed as a werewolf, while the others are decked out in a Mexican luchador mask, a Scream mask, and a balaclava, among other things.

The neighborhood is well-known for its ties to the Sonora Cartel, formerly one of the most well-established in the nation until it was forced to close its doors roughly fifteen years ago.

The photograph was uploaded on the Reddit thread GoogleMaps, which included the statement, “I just spotted the masked dudes in Mexico.” Online users have expressed their disapproval of the article, with one writing: “Oh crap, this must have been terrifying for the Google Maps driver.”

Another was included: “That is the cartel in action. You should remain as far away from such masks as possible.” More than one person said, “Aaah, they turn to face the automobile as it passes past – that’s spooky!”

Even though it’s tough to tell for certain, the photograph seems to show either cartel members or individuals dressed up in horrific Halloween costumes.

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Even still, it’s not something you’d expect to see on Google Street View every day – and we wouldn’t want to stumble across them in any situation.

Google Street View and Google Earth include several abnormalities, including this one. Since its inception in 2001, Google Earth has altered the world and played a role in uncovering a few cold cases that were previously unknown.

According to one event, the corpse of a guy who had been missing for 22 years was located when a Google Earth user observed his vehicle sunken in a lake and reported it.

A stealth bomber belonging to the United States Air Force was also recently seen on Google Earth flying over a farm in Missouri.

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