How An iPhone 14 Saved California Couple From Dying In Alaska

How An iPhone 14 Saved California Couple From Dying In Alaska: The Apple iPhone’s satellite function came in very handy for a California couple whose car slid off a cliff in a region with no cell reception, while the phone’s emergency SOS mechanism helped save a guy stuck in Alaska earlier this month.

The couple was traveling on Angeles Forest Highway in Crescenta Valley when the accident occurred; without the SOS system, rescuers would have had no idea when to look for them. What occurred to the pair is as follows.

1. Lost in the Canyons

On Angeles Forest Highway, the couple’s automobile flew off the edge of the road and down the canyon, plunging them both 300 feet below. The man and woman in their twenties survived the crash, but they were left stranded in a remote area with minor injuries and no mobile service. They could have been in trouble if they hadn’t had cell phone coverage.

2. Immediately Dial 911 If an Emergency Occurs

One of them was carrying an iPhone 14, which has a built-in emergency satellite function. That could have been the thing that kept them alive. “The informant and another victim had been engaged in a single car collision on Angeles Forest Hwy around mile marker 18.87, Angeles Forest,” the Montrose Search&Rescue Team (Ca.) tweeted on March 15.

3. No Mobile Reception

In the area where the automobile drove off the road, there is no cell phone reception, as confirmed by Search and Rescue personnel. “Their car had fallen around 300 feet down the mountainside. Due to their location in a canyon with no cell phone reception, they were unable to contact anyone. The victims were free to get out of the vehicle.”

4. SOS Signal

Through the Apple satellite service, SAR was able to pinpoint exactly where the two were. “They were able to text a relay center thanks to the iPhone 14’s emergency satellite service.

Dispatch was informed by the control room and we, along with @LACOFD patrol units and @SEBLASD Air Rescue 5, were sent to the scene. Latitude and longitude coordinates for the victims were provided by the telephone center.”

5. The Apple Way To Succeed

In order to ensure their safety, a rescue helicopter was dispatched to pick them up. “The victims were located and a medic was dropped in by Air Rescue 5.

The paramedic found out that the male and female patients, both in their twenties, had sustained moderate injuries at most. The victims were lifted out of the canyon by the aircraft and taken to a nearby medical facility.”

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