How Old Was Kobe When He Retired: What Was The Reason Behind Kobe’s Retirement?

Kobe Bryant’s final game with the Lakers came against the Utah Jazz, and he scored 60 points. In spite of the fact that it took place in 2016, that game is likely still fresh in the memories of most basketball fans. How old was Kobe when he retired from the NBA? Let’s dig deep into How Old Was Kobe When He Retired?

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Who Was Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant was a professional basketball player, producer, philanthropist, and businessman from the United States.

When Kobe Bryan passed away, he was worth an estimated $600 million. In a tragic turn of events, Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash on January 26th, 2020. Kobe Bryant won five NBA titles, was named MVP of the NBA Finals twice and was named an NBA All-Star eighteen times.

Even after retiring, Kobe was still one of the highest-paid athletes. Hundreds of millions of dollars came into Kobe’s bank account thanks to his salary and endorsement deals. In the business world, he was incredibly astute.

How Old Was Kobe When He RetiredSource: NPR

He had a $200 million stock holding in the beverage company BodyArmour at the time of his death. About six years ago, he forked over $6 million to acquire his share. Coca-Cola paid $5.6 billion in October 2021 to purchase outright ownership of body armor.

Just now I mentioned that Kobe Bryant’s net worth was $600 million at the time of his death. His BodyArmour investment was worth an estimated $200 million before taxes, which was factored into that total.

In October 2021, when Coca-Cola paid $8 billion for all of the body armor, the Bryant estate owned only 5% of the company. Therefore, before taxes, his estate made $400 million. About $270 million in net profit was generated after paying all applicable taxes.

If Kobe were still living when this transaction was finalized, his fortune would have grown from $600 million to $670 million. That may not seem like much, but it factors in a drop of around $130 million owing to taxes and an increase of $200 million in the valuation of BodyArmour.

In an alternate timeline, Kobe Bryant would have begun 2022 with a net worth of $700 million, after taking into account various agreements and transactions.

Let’s dig deep into How Old Was Kobe When He Retired?

How Old Was Kobe When He Retired?

Upon graduating from Philadelphia’s Lower Marion High School at the age of 18, Kobe made his way to the NBA. When he finally did, he became a star in his league. Kobe’s first season saw him score 7.6 points per game, which was rather respectable for a player just 18 years old.

Over the subsequent years, he also improved his scoring abilities. Kobe resigned from the NBA at the relatively early age of 37, surprising many of his supporters.

Many people might assume he is older than he is because of his lengthy NBA career. Kobe entered the NBA in his senior year of high school. That’s five times as long as the typical NBA career, or 20 seasons total.

While Kobe Bryant was the game’s top scorer, he looked like a black mamba. Prior to joining the “Los Angeles Lakers,” Kobe played in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won five titles. A man of 2.10 meters in height and 96 kg in weight. Here is his farewell address:

Reason Behind Kobe’s Retirement

Kobe Bryant was plagued by nagging ailments late in his career, and he had to play through the pain to finish strong. When Kobe suffered an Achilles tendon tear in 2014, he never quite regained his explosive speed.

Kobe played through pain to make both of his free throw attempts. Kobe’s knees ached at the conclusion of his career, and he had many arthroscopies and injections to treat the inflammation and pain.

Later in his career, Kobe’s explosiveness and speed began to decline due to his numerous injuries. Kobe was still one of the top players and scorers in the NBA until he tore his Achilles tendon at age 35 when NBA players often start to slow down.

In his nine years with the Lakers, Kobe donned the number eight jersey, which he used to capture three NBA titles. He started wearing #24 in 2006, two years after originally wearing #11. It was almost as though number 8 Bryant and number 24 Bryant were completely different people.

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