Hunter Moore Net Worth 2022: The Rise of The Personality

Hunter Moore’s best-known name is “The Most Hated Man on the Internet,” which was given to him by Rolling Stone. It is also the name of the Netflix original movie about his life. After all, the Californians started what is thought to be the first revenge porn website and then went to great lengths to get more views and party hard while avoiding any responsibility. So, now that it’s been years since an intense FBI investigation brought his life to a halt, let’s find out more about his overall earnings and net worth.

How did Hunter Moore Get Paid?

Hunter was an “angry” kid who dropped out of high school and joined the “Scene” community. He never gave up his old-school interests in sex, drugs, porn, and money, though. He reportedly started working as a hairstylist for a fetish-porn site almost as soon as he turned 18. He did this to use his people skills to make great connections. He then used the six-figure amount he had won in a sexual harassment case against a store to travel around Europe, Japan, and Australia. When he got back, he started a sex-party business.

But Hunter’s Is Anyone Up? was a happy accident. He wanted to show his friends explicit pictures of a woman he was seeing, but technical problems forced him to put it online. He didn’t know that his friends would also post pictures in the same way by linking to the victims’ social media profiles, which would bring thousands of people to his site. So, the site became what some people call a hub for revenge porn. Hunter shared every submission after checking ages, but without permission from the person in the picture, according to the production.

It is said that the man who called himself a “professional life ruiner” made between $8,000 and $13,000 a month from Is Anyone Up? But the documentary series makes it seem like he was always short on cash because of how he lived. “Hunter made money in two ways: by selling goods and by selling ads,” his former lawyer said. “The more people use a website and the more people visit it, the more you can charge for ads.” Still, the fact that he sold his business to anti-bullying activist James McGibney for only $12,000 in April 2012 shows that he wasn’t making as much as he would have liked.

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Hunter wanted to get rid of his site because he was afraid of getting into trouble with the law, and he also wanted money, according to James in the Netflix original. This made the deal easy. The former “King of revenge porn” went on to become a professional DJ, a skill he admittedly taught himself on a plane two hours before his first set, while still partying and using drugs. Eventually, though, in early 2014, he was arrested on charges that he paid someone to hack into people’s e-mails and steal their explicit pictures so he could post them online.

What’s up with Hunter Moore?

After his site was shut down in 2012, it was only a matter of time before he was charged with a crime. Hunter was arrested in January 2014 and charged with unauthorized access to a protected computer, aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy.

After pleading guilty, he was given two and a half years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Hunter hasn’t been seen since he got out of jail in 2017. He can’t post anything on a lot of social media sites, including Facebook.

What kind of Relationship does Hunter Moore have with Another Person?

From what we know, Hunter Moore may not be married and may never have been engaged. Since May 2022, Hunter Moore hasn’t been on a date.

We don’t know of any other people Hunter Moore has been with. Hunter Moore needs your help with his past relationships.

In February 2015, Moore said that he had committed several crimes, including identity theft and hacking. Moore also agreed to a three-year probation, a $2,000 fine, and $145.70 in restitution on top of the sentence he had to serve.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

We think that Hunter Moore net worth is around $1 million as of this writing, based on his 16-month-long internet business, his partying ways, his legal problems, and the work he has done since. After spending two years in federal prison (2015–2017), the former public figure self-published a book called “Is Anyone Up?: The Story of Revenge Porn” in 2018. This also added to his wealth.

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