Iran Sentenced The Daughter Of A Previous President To Five Years In Prison

According to her attorney, the outspoken daughter of former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been given a five-year prison sentence.

The charges against Faezeh Hashemi were not specifically stated by the attorney. However, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency, Hashemi was charged with “propaganda against the system” by Tehran’s public prosecutor last year.

She was detained in Tehran during protests when a young Kurdish lady died while in police custody, according to state media reports from September. The detention was for “inciting riots.”

Since the 1979 revolution, the demonstrations have presented one of the largest challenges to Iran’s clerical leadership.

According to defense attorney Neda Shams’ tweet, “Ms. Faezeh Hashemi was sentenced to five years in prison following her arrest, however, the sentence is not final.”

Faezeh Hashemi received a prison sentence and a lifetime ban from participating in politics in 2012 for “anti-state propaganda” stemming from the contested 2009 presidential election.

In 2017, her dad passed away.

Throughout his life, the pragmatic policies of the late president Rafsanjani toward economic liberalization and improved ties with the West attracted both ardent fans and ardent detractors. He was one of the Islamic Republic’s founders.

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