Is Murray Bartlett Married: Know About His Hidden Relationship With Boyfriend Matt

Is Murray Bartlett Married? Murray Bartlett, an Australian actor, has been in numerous TV shows, including Sex And The City, The White Lotus, Welcome To Chippendales, and The Last Of Us. Armond played a hotel manager in the HBO comedy series White Lotus, for which Bartlett most recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Role.

One aspect of Bartlett’s work that distinguishes him from other actors is the frequency with which he portrays gay characters in his roles. Murray has done one or two gay parts, which has led many to doubt whether he is really a nonbinary celebrity. After all, he has consistently made contributions to the literature on gay sex.

Bartlett has always been open and honest about his sexual orientation. But the 51-year-old actor keeps his relationship very secret, so it might be claimed that he has been successful in keeping that part of his life out of the public eye. Nevertheless, Murray does, at least, according to a number of media stories, have a spouse.


Is Murray Bartlett Married

It is still unknown who Murray is dating or who Bartlett is in love with. Many individuals have formed ideas about who this enigmatic partner is, but the solution is still a mystery. Will their relationship remain a secret or have they come out in the open? To learn more about what is being said about these important questions, read the headers below.

Murray Bartlett is in a same-sex relationship with a man named Matt and is not married, as was previously said. But not much else is known about Bartlett and his mysterious partner. It is well known that Murray’s partner Matt does not share the same profession as the Sydney-born actor.

However, neither the couple’s marital status nor the length of their relationship are known. Furthermore, they haven’t yet been spotted together in public. In fact, not many people knew his partner’s name was Matt or that he was even dating before he gave his Emmy acceptance speech in September 2022.

Additionally, it’s not entirely obvious who Matt is or what he does. Murray has revealed that he lives with his boyfriend in Provincetown, a small village on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, near the state’s coast. Bartlett and Matt shared a home during the global pandemic of 2020.

The Neighbors star had previously lived in Brooklyn for 17 years. The couple moved in order to form a community with the family they had chosen and to be close to nature. Despite not yet being parents, the two do have a border collie named Bo in common.

The Journey Of Murray Bartlett With Partner

In an interview, Bartlett claimed that his decision to go to Massachusetts with his lover was fortunate and that he should have made the move sooner. As a result, Matt recorded his audition for The White Lotus in his garage, earning him an Emmy.

The Journey Of Murray Bartlett With Partner
The Journey Of Murray Bartlett With Partner

In keeping with it, after receiving the Emmy in September 2022, Murray congratulated his companion Matt and referred to him as his “shelter.” John Curtin College alumnus Bartlett said that it was Matt who had the foresight to foresee his Emmy success in an earlier interview with Mr. Porter in January 2023.

Before encouraging Murray to go to Massachusetts, he stated that his partner had told him that she thought “something is going to happen and I don’t want us to be living in the city.”

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